Hooligans and Junkies Are Taking Over Mar Vista

If you want to take the island, burn the boats, so said Julius Caesar. Or simply, the inmates are running the asylum. Embellished, however, for those who live in (or visit) Los Angeles City Councilman Mike Bonin’s Third World neighborhood of Mar Vista, you may be subjected to one or more of the following: running puddles of human urine, mounds of human excrement, street fights, gang bangers, drug dealers, psychotic pill poppers, heroin junkies and/or their epidemic plethora of syringes and needles throughout the neighborhood. Mar Vista is under siege.

With the decriminalizing of so-called homelessness — ideologically something I staunchly support, however not at the expense of public health and safety — has come a seedy underworld contributing to the decline of community, culture, health and safety.

Although often times part and parcel, not all homeless are drug addicts and not all drug addicts are homeless. I’m honored to call several homeless people my friends, and they are fine human beings who live drug- and crime-free lives. This is not about them.

That said, as a longtime (renting) resident of the barrio, I’ve certainly had enough of this petty bourgeoisie lumpen liberal apathy, essentially condoning
and supporting degenerate behavior. In short, Mar Vista is a microcosm of the greater whole controlled by undermining and failed leadership, who (I believe) knowingly and willingly operate within (and are obedient to) a broken system of a privatized shadow government.

While the hands of public safety officers appear to be legally tied, local gangbangers and drug dealers are inundating our Mar Vista streets. Oh the hypocrisy, as local crime rates appear to coincide with the already problematic and absorbent rise in cost of living; while heroin needles pile on to our streets in front of the Mar Vista Post Office (home of the family-friendly Mar Vista Farmer’s Market), Grand View Boulevard Elementary, nearby preschools, various places of worship, residences and small businesses.

Ironically, as Mar Vista continues to “improve” and “grow” (i.e. gentrify), our quality of life diminishes — even drastically depletes. To what end, Bonin? Is this your “gentry-topia”?

How shall we mitigate our local blight? This ultimately global epidemic speaks to a larger systemic problem, but can we as a neighborhood please collectively address the cleaning of the “living room” we all share? Let’s create and maintain successful solutions together.

Johl Smilowski, Mar Vista

Life is Full of Surprises

Re: “Developer Flattens Ecologically Sensitive Beach Dunes,” News, Aug. 15

Having been involved with Legado’s dealings in Playa del Rey for years, I didn’t think there was anything else they could do to shock or disrespect a community in which they want to develop three significant parcels of land.

I was wrong.

Julie Ross, Playa del Rey

New Trash Cans Would Help a Lot

Re: “Public Health Ties Rat Infestation to Google Campus, Not Homeless Encampments,” News, Aug. 15

The health inspector must’ve gone by on a Friday after sanitation workers had just cleaned the area. I don’t know why the city doesn’t just put rat-proof trash cans on Third Avenue. It would be safer for everyone.

Travis Binen, Venice