Reaction to “The Argonaut Interview: Mike Bonin on the Homelessness Crisis,” Cover Story, Oct. 3:

Encampments Post Critical Safety Concerns

“Where does services end and enforcement begin?” This was such an important question that I feel Bonin basically dodged.

I live right next to one of the biggest encampments in Mar Vista, and it is incredibly unsafe for both the people living in the encampment and the surrounding residents. The amount of drug use and drug dealing that goes on is beyond the pale, and people have psychotic episodes in our alley on a regular basis. I have been chased to my car and sexually harassed, and I have had to call 911 while I watched someone high on drugs threaten my husband’s life in our alley.

Even worse, there are drug dealers and gangs fighting over the encampment, which has brought tagging and multiple shootings. I am worried someone in the encampment or a surrounding resident will be hurt or killed. I’m also concerned about the urination and feces all over our alley and neighborhood. It’s one of the most unsafe situations I’ve ever witnessed, and I just cannot fathom how it is allowed.

Diana Sieker
Mar Vista

Malicious Comments are Misdirected Energy

Thank you for running the interview with Councilman Mike Bonin. There seems to be such vitriol aimed at him on social media regarding the homelessness crisis. I’m glad The Argonaut helped Councilman Bonin give us his perspective. While some might not agree with his solutions to the problem, we can see that he is strongly committed to trying to address it. Cowardly cheapshots and casting blame does not help anyone. Worse, it pits us against one another and deflects energy away from this big challenge.

Anthony Dukes
Mar Vista

It’s Not Just a Homegrown Problem

A lot of heart, not a lot of smart. This is a national issue being played out in our neighborhoods. The states that Greyhound their “homeless” here should be bearing the costs and the inconveniences. Having lost bikes and patience, I believe Bonin and Garcetti are aiming for prominence at our expense.

Stephen Salko
Santa Monica

What Are You Doing to Help?

Hurrah for Mike Bonin! I’m a huge supporter and know his heart is in the right place. You can’t change in a few years what has taken decades to create. People who aren’t doing anything personally to make life better for anyone else or engage in a positive way don’t deserve a seat at the table. Instead of trolling those who are trying to make a difference on social media, they should get off their asses and be part of the solution.

John Sharpe


Word Choice Can Say a Lot

Re: “Debra Bowen was David to Tenet’s Goliath,” Letters, Aug. 29

In an otherwise useful letter, why does Dr. Helman have to slide into the slimy and disgusting coupling of “homelessness” and “vermin-associated disease”? Such casual, stereotypical and thoughtless remarks don’t help.

Thank you, Argonaut, for all your great work!

Ambrose Terrence
Marina del Rey