Blame City Politics for Housing Scarcity

Re: “Venice & Wasatch Project Breaks Ground After $12-Million Sale,” News, Dec. 12

Is it any wonder why we do not have enough housing in Los Angeles? Just review the problems to build a simple apartment building in our neighborhood. Nearly three years wasted as L.A. City Councilman Mike Bonin decided that the project did not meet his personal standards. This problem is present throughout the city and is going to get worse.

There are standards for building in Los Angeles, but if the local politician does not agree with a project, then the project is delayed, construction costs go up, there is less availability, and investors are scared away. Any 17-year-old economics student can tell you that limited supply causes prices to go up. This is why our rental rates are going up faster than inflation.

Los Angeles will soon have no middle class, just the uber-wealthy and the poor. Unfortunately, today’s political class has no understanding of the damage they are causing. Venezuela, anyone?

Beth Johnson


Don’t Blame ‘Rich White People’ for Poor Life Choices

Re: “Homelessness is Terrifying,” Opinion, Dec. 5

It seems to me that Ms. Elliot [the writer] is more a victim of her own staggeringly poor life choices than from the “rich white people” whom she so readily demonizes. Anyone who can barely take care of themselves yet chooses to bring a baby into their world is the last person who should be lecturing us about cruelty.

How does it even make any sense that Ms. Elliot voluntarily travels across the country to an area where it’s well known that the cost of living is unaffordable, even for people with good jobs, and then complains about that? She comes to an area that is already inundated with homeless and wonders why the people who are being taxed billions of dollars to feed, house and clothe them are frustrated. As a taxpayer and Venice resident, I resent being told that I’m somehow not doing enough to take care of the homeless. But trying to tell people like Ms. Elliot these things is pointless because they’re too invested in their
own victimhood.

Alexander Romero


Democracy Withers in Mar Vista

Re: “A Push for Autocracy,” News, Nov.28, and “Political Purge is Pure Fiction,” Letters, Dec. 5

Gary Walker got it right. Mar Vista and the Mar Vista Community Council are in much more trouble than it appears. The ruling conservative majority has very little respect for the good of Mar Vista or the community at large. Serial Brown Act violations, bullying and manipulation at meetings, and the handholding of committee leaders who cannot run a meeting by the out-of-town chair of the MVCC all portend very poorly for
Mar Vista.

Robin Doyno, former MVCC board member