Don’t Go With the Flow of Proposed Ballona Restoration Plan

Re: “It’s Back to the Future for Ballona Restoration Effort,” News, Dec. 26

The recent story about the extremely expensive and destructive plans to remake the Ballona Wetlands says “The state’s preferred Ballona restoration plan would naturalize the flow of Ballona Creek.” That is factually incorrect. The historical records clearly show that for at least the last thousand years the natural state of Ballona Creek has been closed at the mouth aside from brief seasonal clearing post-rainy season.

What the state plans to make is both unnatural and dangerous to our local community. It will greatly increase the likelihood of flooding, especially as sea levels rise. Let the erosion and damage caused by the state’s “restoration” of Malibu Lagoon be a warning to us all. State entities prefer to engage in big, ego-driven building projects rather than do the gentle, long term work of genuine restoration. The result is far from natural or prudent. Do we really want to spend many millions of dollars to not only destroy endangered habitat but increase flooding in our area?

Kathryn Campbell

Marina del Rey

Keep the Marina Boater-Friendly

Re: “Boat Central Developer Sues County for Abandoning Project,” News, Jan. 2

My thanks to Supervisor Janice Hahn for her opposition to this terrible project.  Many members of the Marina del Rey community were opposed when it was first proposed and discussed at local meetings.  Boaters objected to the equipment that would be used to move their property and to the 45 minutes estimated for putting a boat in and out of the storage facility.  The building was way out of scale for the recreational facilities along Fiji Way.

Supervisor Don Knabe objected to none of the overdevelopment that has occurred in the Marina and will result in heavier traffic than is appropriate to a recreational and residential community.  If this facility is allowed and a large parking structure is also permitted in the area as part of a Ballona Creek redesign, nature and Fisherman’s Village will be destroyed for good.

Lynne Shapiro

Marina del Rey

Fight Back Climate Change One Small Step at a Time

In dealing with climate change, the small stuff matters too!

Is anyone else appalled by the long rolls of paper that come with every CVS receipt? Where is there a climate change consciousness and environmental responsibility?

June Kailes

Playa del Rey