Our Families Come First

Re: “Avoiding Another Gas Crisis,” News, Jan. 16

I wish to say “Bravo” and “Thank You!” to Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn for her bold support of beginning to divest from our antiquated SoCal Gas Company storage facility in Playa del Rey.

The Aliso Canyon tragedy foretells a possible sleeping giant for the rest of the coastal gas storage facilities, of which the Playa del Rey is but one. The Aliso Canyon scenario forced residents, business and schools to evacuate for months, leaving illness in the wake of a toxic leak. Hahn’s support is greatly appreciated by those who have lived in the area long enough to know of the current smell and toxic emissions that have been part and parcel of our exquisite beachside environment.

Neighborhood Council of Westchester-Playa Past President Cyndi Hench and the professor from Loyola Marymount University may take a cautiously slow approach, but as a longtime resident, I (and many others) favor the now-is-best attitude to address one of the small milestones in our need to address the coming-and-here climate crisis. 

Both community leaders and scholars would do well to lead the path, along with Hahn, toward clean power. We have the technology now. Let’s not be the toddler who clings on to the toy until mom gives another shiny object. Let’s let go happily to create a safer world.

It’s been too long that corporations like SoCalGas have been able to buy a blind eye by financial contributions in the community. Local activist Tudor Popescu has the right idea: our families come first.

Wendy Zacuto

Playa del Rey

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