New Pool is Long Overdue

Re: “Deep Trouble,” Cover Story, Feb. 20

There needs to be pressure put on the authorities in Parks and Recreation as well as LAUSD so the community gets a new pool. It is long overdue!

Bud Jacobs

Past principal, Venice High School

Shameful this has been allowed. I was on the swim team there in ’86 and ’87 and had some of my best memories there.

— John DeWig, via Facebook

Where are the millions of dollars that are being poured into Venice High?

— Robert Lessnick, via Facebook

‘A Desperate Ambush’

Re: “Charters Must Pay for Empty Seats,” News, Feb. 20

I haven’t studied the statute that allows these payments, but I am left wondering why LAUSD is entitled to these sums. It’s not like they have students who would otherwise be occupying those seats. To put their lack of students on the backs of financially strapped charter schools (that apparently don’t have the students, either) strikes me as patently unfair. At a minimum, the district should make a statement that they are going after these moneys going forward and let the charters decide if they want or need to give some space back. This smells like a desperate ambush.

Tracy Thrower Conyers



Re: “Venice Neighborhood Council Ejects Fisher,” News, Feb. 20

Good riddance. This guy was toxic as hell, and long after claiming that the neighborhood council was just “an advisory board with no teeth and no power” they finally removed him. If the board isn’t influential, why did he fight so hard for him and his terrible behavior to remain put? We’re all relieved he and his bused-in supporters will no longer have any pull in this community. We can finally get stuff done and stick to the agenda’s timeline.

David Terring

It’s OK to say “racism.” This is a very disappointing article. There was no proof of those allegations, yet you present them as fact. Many board members have broken bylaws in ways that can actually be documented. The policies of these gentrifiers and the impacts of their decisions are way more vulgar and uncivil than anything Matt or we “volatile” people could ever say. … Nobody was ‘bused in.’ When there is an attempt to silence and marginalize nonwhite people in our community, it is our duty to resist and make noise.

Mike Bravo

Undue-process removal of a board member in obeisance to a third party focuses bright sunshine on the continuing danger that this second generation of a developer-funded Venice Neighborhood Council presents to the community. Failing immediate decertification and reconstruction via a de novo election, the VNC will carry the deep stain of disrepute for the remainder of this term.

Jed Pauker