Thanks So Much for the Magazine!

… Even though we’re not in it this month, it’s a lifeline for us Westsiders. A real upper in these uncharted waters. Stay well, safe, happy. See you when it’s safe to dock. ‘Ahoy’ till then!

Carolyn Allport

Education & PR Chair

Women’s Sailing Association of Santa Monica Bay

An Open Letter to LA Mayor Eric Garcetti: Tell “vacationers” to be “staycationers”

I wrote to your office about a month ago when this stay at home order first began. Your office has been handling this pandemic issue promptly and thank goodness the flattening of the curve has begun. However, I’m afraid that this good news has prompted people to feel secure that this pandemic is over when it is not.

This false security is creating a problem once again with the tourists and inland visitors flooding Venice. Last weekend, Friday and Saturday (April 11 & 12) were quite sunny and brought tourists out in hoards as if there is no health threat.

I’m hoping that at your next press conference you can remind people of the following:

That a bright sunny day is not a vacation day during this pandemic.

That bringing their children who, like the aged are more vulnerable and susceptible to this virus, creates a true health hazard when crowding the beach communities.

That there is still a stay at home order.

That we must still follow the six foot distancing advice, which seems not to be followed when people think they’re on vacation.

Please let them know that tourist destinations and their residents are also following this protocol.

That staying at home flattens the curve and it’s because of the stay at home order that this flattening is occurring.

We have elderly people in our community worried about the crowds, and worried about lack of parking spaces due to these “vacationers” not taking this pandemic seriously. They are putting our community at risk and their irresponsible behavior could mean death to someone else.


Eva Greene

Venice Resident

Isolating on the Water in Marina del Rey

We decided to go for a ride on the boat to get away from everybody and catch some sun.

Linda Feldman and

her dog Bella Krissel

Marina del Rey

An Open Letter to Santa Monica City Mayor Kevin McKeown and the Santa Monica City Council:

First, let us thank you as well as our dedicated Santa Monica city manager and city staff for all your hard work during these very stressful times.

We are very well aware of
the budget challenges and likely deep cuts that will be needed in Santa Monica during and following this coronavirus pandemic.

Many concerned Santa Monica residents will certainly be urging you at your upcoming May 5 city council online public meeting to please protect many important services.

Police, fire fighters, educators, art and culture advocates, youth, seniors, people with disabilities, advocates for our homeless, renters, and city employees, just to name a few will likely all be speaking up.

We would strongly urge you…implore you… to please continue to give our environment and our urban forest the high priority you have always given them here in Santa Monica.

It’s been 50 years since the first Earth Day. Climate change will remain a life-threatening concern even after we get through this devastating pandemic.

Santa Monica has always said our trees, next to our people, are our most important resource.

I don’t have to explain to you just how valuable they are

We do understand that many across-the-board budget cuts will be necessary and that we all must be prepared for
budget cuts.

But we must not now…not ever… put our trees and our environment on anything less than a very high priority.

Again, thank you! Our entire Santa Monica community must work together…with respect, love, patience and positive energy… especially now!

Peace and gratitude,

Jerry and Marissa Rubin

Tree Hugging Friends


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Re: Cover Story: “Seams of Innovation: With needles, 3D printers & thread, Westsiders arm the front against
COVID-19,” April 9, 2020

Mask making is a lot of work 🙂 I broke two sewing needles.

@w.tuberose via Instagram