Traffic Has Never Been So Smooth at LAX
Thought you might like this photo of LAX departure level taken [on April 18].

Richard N. Norman
Marina del Rey

In-Home Caregivers are Unrecognized Heroes
We see the headlines and pictures: doctors, nurses, hospital personnel, EMTs — gowned and masked — fighting the battle against an unseen coronavirus that has sickened and killed thousands of people around the world. We all appreciate their dedication.
Who we may not see are the in-home caregivers who help keep our seniors and developmentally disabled family members safe and cared for. They are heroes who serve every day, often unrecognized.

In-home caregivers travel to family homes and ensure that meals are prepared; dishes are washed, trash removed, household chores are completed, and that the living situation is safe. They provide personal care to their clients such as bathing, grooming and dressing. Often, they are with those under their care early in the morning or late at night. They monitor the vulnerable, ever alert to a cough, a fever, or a change in behavior that might indicate further investigation.
At all times, caregivers are an important link to the larger healthcare delivery system. They help bridge the gap between the community and the clinic by bringing hands-on care to the doorsteps of people who may be homebound, and they also communicate what they observe to the professionals who need timely information

This letter is to remind community members about the significant help in-home caregivers provide in the bigger healthcare picture — all the time — but especially now, during the coronavirus pandemic. Thank you, caregivers, for the service you give. We recognize how essential a team member you are as we work together to keep vulnerable citizens strong, safe and healthy.
Rhiannon E. Acree, R.N.
CEO/President – Cambrian Homecare
(Editor’s Note: Established in 1996, Cambrian is a full-service homecare for seniors, special needs respite, injured or surgical adults throughout Southern California that also provides community and caregivers support for onsite training and Skills4Care.)

Social Distancing Canine-style

The one on the bottom is my dog. His name is Whiskey. The one on top is a dog that lives in our building, I don’t know him…but I thought they were so cute. … Neither of them made a sound, just stared at each other…
Lisa Cossettini
Playa del Rey

A Poem to the Editor:
Dawn of a New Day
The moon will be more vivid
The sun and stars in bright
When this virus is behind us
We’ll greet the dawn
of a new day

Get on your horses
all my people
We have a lot of energy
to convey
Plow the Earth’s rich
As we greet the dawn
of a new day

What misery in our stay
at home
Fighting and pushing the
devil away
We look and we strive
or tomorrow
Awaiting the dawn
of a new day
Frank McGinity