Out of the Mouths of Babes

Re: ‘Kid Power, Broadway Elementary fourth grader organizes peaceful Black Lives Matter Protest,’ June 25, 2020

Unfortunately, kids learn “hate” and “discrimination” at a young age. Compliments to Broadway Elementary fourth graders (their parents & school staff) for encouraging the understanding that WE ALL deserve to, as quoted by Lux, “feel really nice inside and outside.” That’s the best way I could describe, “No Justice, No Peace, Know Justice, Know Peace.”

Morgan Stanley

Playa del Rey

What Venetians Really Think

Re: Opinion: “Reimagining Public Safety,” June 25, 2020

“Reimagining Public Safety” as presented by your guest editorialist Councilman Mike Bonin is a disturbingly dangerous path to an even more crime-infested Los Angeles that could more resemble the fictional Gotham City in the film “Joker” should he have his way!

This “bare bones” budget approach is not only dangerous to our community, but a real threat to those men and women brave enough and tough enough to wear the uniform!

Rejecting more police officers as a solution to rising crime in Los Angeles is a revealing insight into Mr. Bonin’s true objective which is a financially watered down police department that falls in line with his woefully misguided views on how not to protect neighborhoods like Venice and leave “quality of life” issues in the hands of social workers and government bureaucrats that currently enable versus solve the core concerns of chronic homelessness, gentrification and the elimination of LAPD as a reliable community ally in fighting crime and keeping the peace.

In essence, right is now wrong and wrong is now right when it comes to basic public safety and keeping Los Angeles protected and safe in the eyes of Mike Bonin!

For Mr. Bonin has already stated publicly he supports a decrease in police officers and is reluctant to fund new recruits as many men and women of the LAPD retire and resign.

It’s worth restating that Bonin wants an actual reduction of “boots on the ground” and officers in the streets!

For Mr. Bonin has now adopted a “faster, better cheaper” approach to municipal government and he plans to use LAPD as his new utopian experiment on how to deliver basic policing in a way so untested he wants to redefine law enforcement with political rhetoric rather than real data that will leave our Venice community at risk and even more unprotected than ever before!

As usual, Bonin is vague and fails to give definition to “crime” while offering his new agenda of social workers and bureaucrats addressing 911 calls in the streets of Venice.

Predictably, Bonin cites some dubious [online survey] he designed to find the results he seeks to implement here in LA and Venice.

For the actual “poll” and its results are not disclosed to The Argonaut or anyone else to analyze because this is a push poll, designed to search for a point-of-view and policy agenda that clearly lacks the support of most Angelenos and specifically Venetians exhausted by Bonin’s Machiavellian gamesmanship!

In 2019 the Venice Neighborhood Council, a sanctioned arm of Los Angeles city government, conducted its own Community Survey on what Venetians believed were the issues they really cared about.

This poll was completed by some 800 respondents with no political agenda, but rather a pent up need to be heard by elected officials like Mayor Eric Garcetti and Councilman Bonin:

•  80% of Venetians believe crime is a major issue

•  74.15% of Venetians believe crime increased year over year (2018-19)

•  61.94% believe the Venice Boardwalk, an internationally known tourist destination, is unsafe

•  90% of Venetians believe homelessness is the number one issue facing community with nearly 66% pointing to crime as unaddressed and out of control

But the survey goes deeper and indicates a clear lack of “no confidence” in either Mayor Garcetti or Councilman Bonin:

•  17.66% of Venetians are “dissatisfied” and 61.41% are “extremely dissatisfied” with the job Councilman Bonin is doing

•  19.13% of Venetians are “dissatisfied” and 59.84% are “extremely dissatisfied” with the job Mayor Garcetti is doing

While these results are now close to a year old and pre-COVID-19, based on the data extracted from Venetians, the results could even bode worse for these highly unpopular elected officials.

I urge The Argonaut to review in-depth the 2019 Venice Community Survey  and see what people actually think in Venice versus this carefully constructed narrative by Mr. Bonin that is laced in political, unreliable and rhetorical imagery and is not what the people of Venice believe by any reasonable standard.

Nick Antonicello, Venice Beach

The writer is a volunteer member of the Outreach, Parking and Oceanfront Walk Committees of the Venice Neighborhood Council

Putting the “No” in “No More Guns”

For years the mural on the wall at Centinela and Palms said, “No More Guns.”  It made me feel good, secure and peaceful.

Then a few months ago the “No” was gone. HELP!  Now we have painted the “No” back.  Yes, life can be good again!


Anne Goldfarb,

with the help of Robin Doyno

Mar Vista