Sunset at Venice Beach Breakwater

Coeur D’Alene Avenue School Sidewalk’s ‘Mountain Range’

Do me a favor, please. Take a walk, wheel your wheelchair, try using your walker to help you travel on Coeur d’Alene Ave. sidewalk in front of Coeur d’Alene School’s parking lot between Oakwood Ave. and the south end of the school parking lot in Venice. Did you make it? Could you do it in the dark?

This sidewalk section is like climbing one jagged mountain range after another and another.

For eleven years we have been asking all levels of LAUSD, LA City Services, CD 11, two LA mayors to fix this sidewalk so people can use it safely rather than detouring off the sidewalk into a skinny street and dodging cars and trucks.

For eleven years we have been asking Beutner, Melvoin, Rosendahl, Bonin, Villaraigosa and Garcetti to take responsibility for fixing this sidewalk. How many emails and phone calls have these leaders returned? One, years ago. Action taken? None.

This summer LAUSD did repave Coeur d’Alene Avenue School’s parking lot on the other side of the fence.

Frustrating to see parked cars get a new level surface; people get the mountain range.

Stewart Oscars


A Word from the Venice Chamber of Commerce to Venice and Los Angeles Government Officials

For nearly 10 years the Venice Chamber of Commerce has dutifully and silently forwarded to elected offices and city officials comments and feedback received from visitors, residents and businesses about the appalling conditions in Venice. We believe that for every one person that actually takes the time and effort to express thoughts on their experience, there are 100 more that are equally disgusted and are feeling helpless at the enormity of the continuing degraded conditions in Venice.

This is not okay by any measure.

The homeless encampments in Venice are a source of frustration for our leadership, agony for the victims trapped within them and fertile ground for the criminal element propagating them and profiting from the continued toleration of their existence. The threat to public safety and health is real and immediate, and our attempts to advocate for reasonable and practical solutions have been collectively ignored time and time again.

The Venice Chamber of Commerce is comprised of business and non-profit members, a great majority of them are Venice residents as well. Our members volunteer their time and talents to efforts that help our community thrive and prosper. We’ve come to the conclusion that a productive future for Venice – where streets are safe and clean, where beaches are places of relaxation not minefields of health hazards and where commerce and art thrive – is impossible.

The City and County of Los Angeles need to act in partnership with the Venice Chamber of Commerce to reverse the degradation of Venice, support the unhoused individuals in their transition to housing and services, and support the business community to operate in a safe and healthy environment. Visitors also deserve to feel welcome and safe. Venice is a major tourist destination for the City of Los Angeles and the current conditions of unfettered waste and violence is viewed with disdain from people around the globe.

The erosion of Venice comes with a chilling numbness. Our business community can do much if allowed to thrive and presented with some hope that our collective efforts will be allowed to impact these issues. We have achieved positive impacts by coming together to form a BID, by producing events that animate and activate public space with our Sign Lighting and Art Crawls and by endeavoring to undertake public art and sanitation projects.

But we need help from the city and elected offices, not their indifference.

Donna Lasman

CEO – Venice Chamber of Commerce