Take ‘care’ of these instead

State Sen. Ted Lieu is not representing his constituents. His latest batch of boutique bills has buffed his legislative resume, yet has not buffered the voters or the state from the ongoing fiscal and cultural shocks still shaking us.

I do not care about the gender identity of youth – that is a matter for the youth and his/her parents to deal with.

I do not care what is in my fish or in my meat, as long as it is safe, tasty and good for me to eat.

I want to be on record for this, too: I do not care about shark fins, private pet sales (or microchips under their fur) or tanning salons.

I do care about the failure of our leaders to protect our borders and properly naturalize our citizens.

I do care about the hostile business climate which is scaring away investment from our state.

I do care about the failing public schools which are entrapping our students and harming our teachers. I do care about the unjust frustrations which protect bad charter schools while ignoring or shutting down good ones.

I am certain that residents from the South Bay to Marina del Rey care about the issues that I care about.

I wish that Lieu cared, too. If he refuses to care, then perhaps we should show enough care for ourselves and carry Lieu out of office.

Arthur Christopher Schaper, Torrance

Need help with street parking

My wife and I have been living in Venice for the past 25 years. One of our major struggles is to get the city of Los Angeles to solve the legal, on-street parking problem here in Venice.

Over the years I have written letters to every Los Angeles City Council member who has represented the 11th District, pleading with them to make a concerted effort to solve this problem. Recently my wife lost her private, but paid-for parking.

Now she faces the serious problem of coming home late at night, spending an inordinate amount of time searching for a legal on-street parking space, and then if she finds one, she becomes totally vulnerable to any one who might take advantage of her as she walks home alone. She could easily get mugged and/or killed.

This is also a problem I often face because like a lot of my neighbors, I also do not have a private parking space. In the summer the situation is even worse. If I’m lucky enough to have found a legal on-street parking space by Friday evening I don’t dare leave it on the weekend because if I do, within five minutes or less that space is taken, often by a tourist who is coming to enjoy the perks of the Venice Boardwalk and beach.

In the meantime my wife and I are captives in our own home for the remainder of the weekend. I have often requested Councilman Bill Rosendahl’s help.

Jim Starrett, Venice

Hold off on Culver building

Re: “Rosendahl formally asks for environmental review on Legado projects” (Argonaut, May 10).

Before any building is to be considered in Playa del Rey, traffic is already a big problem on Culver Boulevard.

Unless they find a way to redirect traffic from Culver Boulevard to get to and from the freeway, I just don’t know how we can handle any more traffic.

Speeding is also a big problem on Culver, and there are not enough policemen to ticket people.

People speed, honk and tailgate. I think speed bumps would help correct that problem. It’s not too extreme, but moderate, and I believe there’s not a large cost for that.

How many deaths does it take?

Jeanne Moody, 50-year resident, Playa del Rey