Presidential Debate: Zoom Edition

Trump wouldn’t have to oppose new debate rules if he could have followed the old ones.

But now that he’s been touched by COVID19, there’s enough justification to hold the next debate as a Zoom meeting. With it being a Town Hall format, all the participants; the debaters, the moderator and the Town Hall questioners, can participate from their own safe socially distanced locations in a format that will be familiar to most broadcast viewers.

Disallowed interruptions can be effortlessly controlled as well as speaker time limits.

Problems solved — on with the show.

Tim Tunks

Santa Monica

The U.S.S. America is the Modern Day Titanic

Embarking on her journey in 1776, the U.S.S. AMERICA is the greatest ship ever built and believed to be unsinkable.

The passengers (especially the 1%) are afforded the most luxurious and comfortable accommodations unrivaled in the history of shipbuilding. The crew (our public politicians and administrators) promote themselves as well trained and the best seamen on the face of the earth.

Up ahead is an iceberg. Now unlike the original Titanic, the crew and passengers can clearly see the tip of the iceberg (social injustice).

But the main body is still hidden (economic injustice or poverty). To melt the iceberg, we need to recognize and address three fundamental truths:

Our welfare system keeps people poor.

Felons are stripped of their rights after serving their sentence.

No or minimal trade education for high school inner-city youth as a career alternative for those dropping out to a life of crime.

There is still time to melt the iceberg. Our crew has the resources and ability to accomplish this.

At the very least, I hope there are more life boats on the U.S.S. AMERICA… don’t you?

Dan Wunsch

Concerned Citizen

Marina del Rey

‘We Are All One’

When I sit in silence, contemplating my life,

I am grateful over and over to have manageable strife.

The world is in so much turmoil. People dying left and right.

The Coronavirus does not care if you are yellow, gay, black or white.

If only humanity would honor that we are truly all one.

Injustice has been committed, on each and every one.

Just thoughts divide the people; a thought can make them dear.

God gave us eyes to see with and not to judge and fear.

When will we finally realize that judgment creates fear.

So let us travel on this road together and hold the journey dear.

We all look different on the outside;

We all have different names;

but never ever forget to realize …on the inside, we are ALL the same.

COVID-19 knows no color. It randomly hits at its will.

We are all in this together!


— Hannelore Hutton, LMFT

Culver City