Hello, Mike Bonin! Are You Paying Attention!?

Re: ‘The Environment v. Homeless Housing: Citing Sea Level Rise, Local Planning Leaders Request Environmental Impact Report for Contentious Venice Media Project,’ News, Oct. 15, 2020

The planned Reese Davidson Community Project represents another failure of vision and lack of responsiveness to the community by elected official Mike Bonin.

Even before the COVID crisis this was going to be a financial sinkhole for the City of LA because the planned Venice Median Project would not only cost much more than it should, the expenses will go on forever.

In addition to all the other valid reasons why it should not go forward, the scope of this behemoth is pre-COVID and needs to be scrapped for financial reasons alone.

Is Mike Bonin aware that LA City Administrative officer Richard Llewellyn projects a $600 million budget shortfall that will empty all reserves and result in contraction of city programs and services including layoffs? Helloooo, Mike Bonin are you paying attention?

Here are some basic budgeting questions that I haven’t seen answers to:

– How will the property taxes and insurance be paid on 104,000 sq. ft of new development on prime beach side land?

– What is the expected revenue from the planned retail and restaurant part of it?

– How is that possibly going to cover expenses? Electricity, internet, furnace, water, sewer, trash, maintenance for 136 apartments?

– And we’re still in the middle of a pandemic, how is decreased city revenue going to affect the construction and ongoing costs?

– Any development of this size and scope should contribute revenue to the city not deplete it — isn’t that the purpose of multi-use development?

Homeless and low-income housing should be in smaller scale apartments that fit the neighborhood and help residents assimilate, not segregate them in what looks like a new version of the old housing projects. Aren’t we trying to get away from that?

The CEQA is essential. The water levels of the canals go up and down with the tide. There is a safety valve but if that should fail during a storm like the one in 1982-83 when the ocean came up over the beach and flooded those streets then the canals would overflow as well.

And . . . that land is subject to liquefaction when the Big One hits so there would go the 67-foot-tall freestanding tower!

Please Mike Bonin save us from another Bonin Boondoggle!


Allie Soltwedel


‘Putting the Can-Can Back in Cantankerous’

A Note from Noreen Re: ‘Reticient, Riot, Wrought:’ The Wit and Wisdom of Notes from Noreen, Best of the Westside 2020, Oct. 22, 2020 (via interviewer Gerry Fialka)


Chuffed to hear from ye and even chuffier to read about our correspondence in the able and amity Argonaut. It’s my favourite rag on the Westside. It’s the only ink I blacken my thumbs with most weeks perusing. As per request, I whipped up a quick little ditty of a doodle for your viewing pleasure.

Hope all remains well with ye. Cheerio and see you in the funny papers.


Noreen Pertrichor

(aka ‘Westchester Crank’)

(Notes from Noreen arrive occasionally in the editor’s inbox. She may be fictional, but nobody’s perfect.)

From the Web: In response to ‘A California State of Mind: ESMoA’s ‘FREESTATE’ dreams up a world built on Golden State Ideals,’ Cover Story, Oct. 29, 2020

For the first time in 45 years, I agree with something attributed to Jimmy Carter: “Whatever starts in California, unfortunately, has an inclination to spread.” Let’s hope this is not the case for the rest of the country since California has the highest tax rates, the largest homeless population, the most rapidly growing homeless population, the largest poverty rate, a single-party leadership class comprised of mediocrities and hypocrites, the highest middle class out-migration, and is rated as the worst state to start a business.

Not sure who is going to finance “The Free Republic of California” discussed in the article by the young artist, assuming California is still around in 10 years. Nothing lasts forever. Good luck.

Kevin Dretzka

A Note of Good News: Live Music Returns to the Westside

On Sunday, Oct. 4, Westside Voices presented an outdoor concert entitled “Travel Safely through Music.” Even face shields and social distancing couldn’t keep this unique mixed a-cappella ensemble from visiting New York, Jamaica, San Francisco, Paris and London (through music). The audience smiled from beneath their face masks and participated in the hum-a-longs. Chairs were spaced for family members and individuals and recommended safety protocols were followed.

Singing outdoors without amplification was a challenge. Wearing face coverings and not being able to stand close together made it even more difficult, but the singers were able to adapt to the acoustics of the space. Seating was limited so that all could comfortably enjoy the music.

This was the first time that some of the audience had left their homes, except for visits to the supermarket or to the doctor. It was a joy to bring a sense of normalcy to the community.

The performance was an adventure to put on, and it was a resounding success. Come celebrate the holidays with Westside Voices at our upcoming concert on Dec. 20. Enjoy great live music and a few surprises.

Harris Levey

Westside Voices

Go Dodgers!

Although the entire Sports Harbour was repainted (in a failed attempt to re-open under a new owner), the 2017 Gustavo Zermeño Jr. mural of Vin Scully that Rahim Javan commissioned to celebrate his 30th year in business, still survives… You can hear the Persian Prince cheering along with Vin. Go Dodgers…

Sweet William

Argonaut Contributor