Social distancing in Venice Beach.
Credit: Kris Dahlin

Supporting Karen Bass

I agree with Rachel Brashier’s advocacy in support of Karen Bass to replace Kamala Harris as one of California’s two senators. Congresswoman Bass is the platonic ideal of participatory democracy, always professional, always polite, always well informed, and always willing to listen to views not in accordance with her own. California couldn’t do better.

Ron Richards

West Los Angeles, CA

‘Jim Jones Trump’

Donald Trump is a loser like David Perdue.

Trump’s voters are rubes and crazy fools.

What are you afraid of, racist Republicans?

Where did those fascist Trump flags go?

Don’t you want to die for Mad King Trump?

Drink the Kool-Aid of Orange Jim Jones!

Start a second civil war and see how it goes?

You already lost! The President-elect is Joe.

And with Kamala as Biden’s Vice President,

And two GOP Georgia Senate seats in play,

By January 20, GOP control is going away!

Moscow Mitch McConnell is going to cry,

While the Trump Crime Family endlessly lies.

Don Jr. is high on cocaine, don’t you know?

Princess Ivanka will get her own TV show.

Trump’s 3rd wife Melania will get a divorce.

So Trump needs more lawyers, of course.

For frivolous lawsuits and paying porn stars.

To buy photos of Eric maskless at a gay bar.

And get ready for Trump Tower in Moscow,

Since the traitor needs a new residence now.

Jake Pickering

Arcata, CA

Re: Onward with Fish and Wildlife’s Ballona Project!

David Kay’s opinion piece on the Ballona Wetlands lacks any evidence-based arguments and instead consists entirely of ad hominem attacks on those who believe that science and law should prevail against the drive to bulldoze Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve. For example, Mr. Kay’s subtitle is, “The plan for Ballona is the only means to accomplish all goals set for Ballona.” Yet, he fails to inform the reader that one of the primary goals of the “project” is flood control. Where do I get such fact? From the Environmental Impact Reports! Not from some whispering conspiracy.

However, there is a conspiracy afoot. CDFW’s attempt to label the project “restoration” is a conspiracy to mislead the public. Restoration means to “return something to a former condition.” Travis Longcore, Ph.D., a true scientist, found that the Ballona Wetlands is historically a freshwater marsh, the mouth of which would only break through on years with heavy rain events. Bulldozing Ballona to create a saltwater marsh is not restoration, but the creation of saltwater marsh habitat that rarely existed at Ballona.

This brings us to the law, which David Kay also neglects to discuss. Flood control is not permitted in wetlands under the California Coastal Act. (Coastal Act section 30233.) Restoration, however, is permitted. CDFW is attempting to push a square peg dredging project through a very narrow definition in the Coastal Act. It simply does not fit. There is no need to bulldoze Ballona to save it.

Todd T. Cardiff, Esq.

Attorney for Grassroots Coalition

San Diego, CA