VENICE on the beach.
Credit: Kris Dahlin

Stop bulldozing of Ballona Wetlands


As someone who has been studying and voicing concern for our LA Ballona Wetlands, I am frustrated by the enormous and erroneous signage posted by SoCalGas. Now we have two lawsuits that actually support a sane approach to revitalization and restoration instead of bulldozers aimed at the area and its animal inhabitants.

When will the governor start to listen to the people who care for the wetlands instead of local organizations that have been co-opted by corporations that would benefit from a more destructive approach to restoration? There is a fully acceptable option, option 4, that would follow procedures in alignment with the science the governor speaks about as he talks about our concern for climate support for our planet.

As a Playa del Rey resident and educator, I sincerely hope that we can wrest the current dangerous plan from our California state leaders and replace it with a plan that will not only serve our community but our planet and her creatures as well.

Wendy Zacuto

Educational Consultant

‘Restoration’ is a lie


Please help. The “restoration” is a lie. There are pictures of wildlife still living on this last piece of wilderness we have in Los Angeles.

When they did restoration on Washington and Admiralty the wildlife left or died. Please keep getting the word out!

Mary E. Disney

Marina del Rey resident of 35 years

Ballona Wetlands ‘Restoration’


One of my favorite places in LA to walk and clear my head is by getting lost in my thrilling efforts to identify as many bird species as I can in the Ballona Wetlands. What a total joy! Sometimes there are so many birds, I can’t keep track of them all. For a bird lover, there could hardly be anything more exhilarating.

Yet, I keep hearing that bulldozers are coming to “restore” the wetlands. Over and over: “restore.” What are they talking about? The wetlands do not need to be restored. What is there, needs to be protected. The only acceptable restoration would be to expand the wetlands back to their original domain! Sadly, that massive development prevents such an option.

I don’t want my tax dollars wasted on a project that can only decimate the extraordinary bird populations that have found sanctuary in the Ballona Wetlands. I don’t know whose idiotic idea it was to “restore” the Ballona Wetlands, but he or she needs to find another day job.

Sara R. Nichols

Los Angeles

Path to Main Street’s rescue: Time for a public comment period


The present flawed thru traffic corridor/parklet outdoor dining plan was rushed through city council last April as a time valued emergency measure, one that would be endangered if it was delayed by ordinary public comment process.

Although the issue is still an emergency, half a year’s experience has demonstrated alfresco 1.0 hasn’t performed well enough. The present layout does not provide enough seating area for the safe widely separated tables needed to enable sustainable customer service. And without a sustainable restaurant/bar attraction, the business area collapses.

Now is the time to open a public comment period to produce a better plan and generate the political will to make it happen. Write letters to your newspapers and your city council — or me
at for collection and presentation as a city council agenda item.

Tim Tunks

Concerned longtime

Ocean Park guy