Under the Venice pier on March 2. Credit: Kris Dahlin

Re: Medicare for All
Mr. Tarabour’s letter regarding “Medicare for All” is somewhat misleading in that he does not define it. Medicare for All can mean something like Medicare Advantage, which is negotiated by CMMS but insured and managed by private insurers such as Aetna, SCAN, Blue Shield, etc. This type is favored by over 50% of seniors in California. However, it can also mean a plan under total government control such as original Medicare. In my opinion, the former offers broader coverage at a lower cost than the latter.

Just think about the EDD or DMV running your health care.
Kevin Minihan

Ballona Wetlands
I am ever so appreciative of Argonaut’s bringing this to the attention of Angelenos. Truly…destroying the village (uh, Wetlands) in order to save it…where have we heard that before and how did it work out?! Am I showing my sixties roots? Grr!
Lisa Edmondson
Los Angeles

Anti-Gay Hate Speech
I am writing to complain of a very disturbing situation. At the Santa Monica Pavilions, pier and Venice Beach Ocean Walk, I have numerous times witnessed groups of Christians gathered. They have microphones and speakers, and hold up large signs proclaiming that Jesus is the only way and all others repent or burn in hell. They also yell loudly into their microphones about exactly who they feel are damned and much of their vitriol is aimed at the LGBTQ community. Loudly proclaiming in public crowded areas that gay people are evil and will burn in hell.

I am from New York and have never witnessed such ugliness until I moved to Los Angeles. When I have gone to the police to complain about this public hate speech, they say it’s these people’s free speech right and that the first amendment protects their right to this travesty.

What about the LGBTQ community’s rights? Scores of LGBTQ people are imprisoned and murdered around the world daily and allowance of public outcries of bigotry such as this fuels the hate and violence. Would they be allowed to publicly defame women, Jews or African Americans?  I would think not. But public outcries of religious bigotry against queers? Sure, no problem. The U.S. government says that’s OK.

I am urging anyone who reads this and is rightly concerned about this government sanctioning of public anti-LGBTQ sentiment to contact your local and non-local politicians to let them know how dangerous this is and that something should be done to stop it.

Jesus famously said, “Love thy neighbor and judge not.” These bigoted hatemongers are an offense to anyone who truly follows Christ’s teachings of love and acceptance. Jesus would weep.