Members of the Santa Monica Fire Department training on the Santa Monica pier. Credit: Alon Goldsmith

Re: Celebrating Earth Day 2021

The Argonaut has indeed provided a service by publishing this letter by Mr. Galyean. H.R. 2307 is the best hope for a planet that will remain hospitable for humans; there is no second planet, and there is no second way to get climate action in a divided nation.

One factor Mr. Galyean did not mention is conservation. As the fee on fossil fuel increases each year, we will find many options become worthwhile that are not worthwhile now. We currently pay no cost for climate change we create, only for the climate change created by all in the world.

Another factor is that the border adjustment will encourage other nations to also put a price on carbon. Unless the whole world helps, our national changes will be overwhelmed.
Jim Martin
Huntington Beach

Re: Tom Adams

I was thrilled to see Tom Adams on the cover of the Argo.

I first met Tom in the late ‘70s when I started racing sailboats in Marina del Rey and I’ve long been friends with the sailmaker, Oliver McCann, who owns the sail loft above Tom’s shop, and Fred Huffman, the sailboat rigger who owned the building and had his shop in the rear.

At the end of the ‘90s I invented and patented (U.S. Pat. # 6.962.123) an underwater maneuvering tow sled I called the Diveboard (you can still see underwater videos of it on YouTube by searching Diveboard + Tim Tunks) and Tom helped me by building the tooling for the first generation of wooden Diveboards before I designed and developed the plastic rotational moulding manufacturing tooling.

Tom’s wood work back then was mostly for local boats and as a supplier of component parts for Catalina Yachts in Woodland Hills.

That building housed three important mentors who helped me understand and practice design skills that enrich my life to this day. I’d frequently just stop by the small building on Abbot Kinney — then West Washington Boulevard — just to see what projects were afoot, whether wood, sailcloth or stainless steel wire rope and aluminum extrusions.

Fred was a wonderfully skilled sailor who would sometimes take a week off to sail his boat single handed down the Mexican coast, around an island and back home just for the joy of sailing offshore.

Seeing Tom’s picture brought back so many fond memories of the friendships I made and the things I learned when I moved back to California from Las Vegas.
Marina del Rey was a very special place back then.
Tim Tunks Former ASMBYC
Sportsman of the Year 2003 &
Yachtsman of the Year 2013