Broken promises
According to the April 25 edition of The Argonaut, Rep. Henry Waxman was “expected to appear at community meeting on Santa Monica Airport.” His inattention to pressing environmental concerns should not surprise anyone.
Waxman was also invited to comment on the LPG Storage Tanks in San Pedro, a long-neglected section of the congressman’s new congressional district, which stretches from Agoura Hills and Malibu all the way throughout the Santa Monica Bay. He didn’t come.
Businesses are suing the Environmental Protection Agency for overbearing regulations that are frustrating their investments and profit margins. To this day, Waxman has done nothing to amend the Clean Water Act, which the Supreme Court has curtailed or struck down in part because of unclear and unconscionable overreach.
Waxman’s signature legislation, the Affordable Care Act, is becoming unaffordable and unsustainable, even if the Supreme Court ruled that the 2,500 page law was “constitutional.” The state of California is facing an unprecedented doctor shortage, followed by premium hikes, which even the Los Angeles Times reported. The United States Senate has already voted to repeal the medical device tax, and one of the law’s co-authors has termed the law “a train wreck” because most small businesses have no idea what to expect when the law’s full implementation comes to effect in January 2014.
What was Waxman expecting when he forced Obamacare through Congress? – Lower premiums, greater access and no higher taxes? The exact opposite has occurred, nothing at all what the voters or our leaders were expecting.
I think that the voters should expect more from their congressman than “no-shows” and broken promises.
Arthur Christopher Schaper

Conflicting support
Several months ago at a meeting inviting comments on Los Angeles World Airports’ alternatives in the Los Angeles International Airport Specific Plan Amendment Study, Rep. Maxine Waters gave an impassioned speech against Alternative 1, which would move LAX’s north runway 260 feet farther north, indicating that this would have a huge negative impact on Westchester and Playa del Rey residents and businesses, and pointing out many reasons why the moving of this runway was not really necessary.
Why then is Waters endorsing Wendy Greuel for mayor of Los Angeles, who has voiced some support for Alternative 1, which will move the runway. Whose side is Waters on, anyway?
Sandi Gateman

Bike path falls behind
I have been riding on the bike path through Venice and Santa Monica for many years.
The path clearly marks which parts are for pedestrians and which parts are for bikers. However, pedestrians rarely observe these signs, especially on weekends.
I was pleased to see the new biking signage on the Santa Monica portion. The surprising part was that people and bikers alike were actually observing these signs.
In the past I have also noticed that the Santa Monica sections of the path are also generally cleaner than the Venice portion.
I think Venice should take a page from Santa Monica and clean up their part of the path and improve their signage.
Charles Repp
Marina del Rey