Sign at Washington and Pacific after the sheriff came to clean up Venice Beach. Credit: Kris Dahlin

Re: Mike Bonin’s Lack of Leadership

I don’t like people living in the streets. I don’t like poverty. I don’t like Councilman Bonin or his staff. I have been a homeowner in Venice for 38 years, and during that entire period of time I have worked in the “affordable housing” field.

Your letter, Mike Bonin’s Lack of Leadership…. (June 10, from Mark Von Gessel), like so many others of the kind, as well as these recall Bonin people who want to waste my tax money on numerous unnecessary extra elections, all seem to miss one thing: they have no suggested lawful solutions to the problem.

And yes, it is unconstitutional to force people to move off of the street and onto some property near LAX or anywhere else. This is America — not China, Russia or Nazi Germany.
And you have to build the housing first, so obviously you can’t move them “immediately”, as the writer demands. So, if you want to help, support housing groups like Venice Community Housing Corp, who are actually building these projects to house people.

So, be constructive, instead of just complaining about the liberals.
Jack Schwartz

Main Street Closure

43-year homeowner on 2nd Street near Marine Street. In that time period, the few times Main Street closed due to construction or emergencies, my street becomes a nightmare.
Don’t forget the little guys!
Jeff Wells
Santa Monica

Let’s Shelter the Homeless

The Homeless Crisis in Los Angeles County and much of the United States can be solved. On federal land and other available land, America must build a series of Our Town cities holding 10,000 to 12,000 formerly homeless individuals.
For example, the Chinese completed a field hospital facility to accommodate COVID-19 patients in Wuhan shortly after the initial outbreak. It could house 4,000 patients. They built it from scratch in 10 days!

Come on, America, deploy our National Guard and other military resources and expertise, and private contractors to build dozens, even hundreds of Our Town cities throughout America. We must go big to solve homelessness or wallow in current, usually too expensive, piecemeal failures. When we face a national problem, it’s natural for the federal government to be part of the solution.

Each Our Town will be divided into four groups: 1) families with children; 2) detox and rehab, medically supervised for those with drug problems including alcohol; 3) people with mental problems; 4) low-income poor people who need safe housing and transportation to work or school. Many jobs will be filled to make each Our Town a viable, small city. Able-bodied, low-income residents will be prioritized to acquire permanent housing near their employment.

Each resident will get a welcome interview and brief medical check-up. All residents will get a daily morning protein shake and maybe vitamin supplements and medication, as appropriate. They can pitch their tents in some sections, as better housing is being constructed. One dog is permitted, but the adult owner/companion must work at the dog park and maybe help a vet once in a while to pay for the dog’s care and feeding. Workshops, classes and jobs will be available to people who are able-bodied.

Hold a lottery with homeless people winners getting long-term housing in several, hopefully many, formerly vacant lots for tiny homes and other low-cost housing options throughout the county. These would be clean and safe, but not part of an Our Town city.

Relocate campers, people living in cars and various RVs. Many are in disrepair and are fire hazards. Move them and their units into free or low-cost RV parks on government land, not along Jefferson Boulevard. C’mon America, wake up!

Those who resist and refuse to be relocated will be detained for an evaluation and physical. Those who continue to camp on or near the beach will be relocated to an appropriate housing option with or without their consent. Big open heart and a really hard head is what’s needed. We need both, big time, henceforth now, and forevermore!

If laws and policies and procedures are problematic, they must be changed to allow all homeless people in encampments throughout the county and throughout America to be relocated in one of the dozens, even hundreds of Our Town cities throughout America. This is what we need to do.
The SoCal beaches will be cleared of encampments once and for all. No more camping or overnighting on the beach. Welcome to a real city with housing, and you can call it home. You are no longer homeless. You live in Our Town.

Some, all right many, NIMBYS will resist Our Town cities. Our individual and collective response needs to be jobs, jobs, jobs. Many salaried positions with health benefits and paid vacations, and an optional pension plan, will be available, with close proximity to the Our Town gated, yes, gated city. We’re running entire cities; and therefore, many positions must be filled full time. Those living nearby will receive preference for hiring because they live close to Our Town. Many others will live full time in one of the Our Town cities.

Let’s go America. We can do this.
Angus MacDonald

Street Trees over Lincoln Boulevard

Aqua at Marina del Rey Apartments is a high-end place. Along the frontage these trees are weak and lean over Lincoln Boulevard. Four times over three years management was informed these trees will fail. To save trees it only needs a stake post and a short pullback line.

I recently called manager Ashley Zarro who remembers my previous notices. Also called Essex Corporation who directed me to the customer care section. Aqua Marina will do nothing because they are on the city sidewalk.The city will never do anything until after it becomes dangerous.

Twenty years ago I personally saved such a tree on Mindanao at Lincoln.
Peter Griswold
Marina del Rey