Sun setting into the Santa Monica mountains from Venice Beach. Credit: Kris Dahlin

Monday’s Article in the LA Times
All the people mentioned in Monday’s LA Times article on the Venice homeless cleanup:
• “Robles had been living with her son in San Bernardino until the Hillside fire in 2019 destroyed her home.”
• “McKenna, who has been living on the beach, is a truck driver from Chicago but lost his license to a DUI.” (a caption)
• Michael Freeman, 19, hummed quietly as he packed up his tent and belongings. Originally from New Orleans,”
• Originally from the San Fernando Valley, he has been homeless for three years and on the beach in Venice for the last couple of weeks.”
Mike Bonin claims we can’t clear the homeless from Venice to be far from where they were living and away from their family and friends…What city does Bonin work for?
Kris Dahlin

Decline of democracy in Mar Vista

It appears to me that either we have a crisis in democracy in Mar Vista or the community just does not care.
Our community council does not seem bothered by the recently elected chair’s reorganization of the committee structure that removes several important committees and reserves committee leadership positions for board members only.

The public comment portion of the meetings has been interrupted and stopped twice in as many meetings and was moved to the end of the committee meetings. These unilateral changes continue to diminish the value of this advisory body, as well as tell the community that authoritarianism is alive and well  in Mar Vista.

Meanwhile the rest of the community council just sits and nods without objection.

Should you wish to witness the continued and growing irrelevance of the MVCC tune in by way of Oh, whoops. The meetings have been changed to the third Wednesday of the month. Did we all get that memo?
Robin Doyno
Los Angeles

Carrying pepper spray

I recently saw a person protect himself from an attack from a large deranged man using pepper spray. I was impressed at how quickly the use of liquid pepper shot into someone’s face defanged a dangerous predator and promptly ordered a pepper spray myself. And I’m glad I did.

Today I boarded a busy West Hollywood bus and found myself sitting near a man holding an open box cutter knife. The man started glaring menacingly at me. I reached into my bag pulled out my pepper sprayer and held it up so he could see it. He quickly averted his gaze and the danger passed. I did not have to use the pepper spray the implication that I would use it was enough to deter a potential unprovoked attack.

The reality is there are many unbalanced people on the streets these days. It’s fact. Also potentially dangerous dogs. I would urge anyone who feels unsafe these days to purchase a pepper spray. They are inexpensive, legal and an effective defense against a potential or real threat. I might have been hurt, and badly, by that knife-wielding man had I not shown him I was willing to defend myself. Hopefully I will never have to fill someone’s eyes with burning pepper. But the innocent have to right to self-defense. I know of many these days who carry guns for protection. I feel safe walking the streets and taking public transportation know I have nonlethal but effective protection against any attacker, man or beast.
Adam Kaplan