Parasailing in as the sun sets over the Santa Monica mountains. Credit: Kris Dahlin

Letter responding to recall letter from last week

I wholeheartedly agree with Tim Tunks’ letter last week regarding the upcoming recall election. It could end in complete disaster for the 5th largest economy in the world if this stunt works.

First of all, for the record, notice how nobody has questioned the signatures received to make this election happen because most of us trust the election process even though abusing a recall provision for political purposes is elitist and cunning. In addition, it is costing the taxpayers $276 million dollars, so what happened to the “fiscal conservatives?”

Secondly, the height of elitism is thinking that the minority knows better than the 62% majority of California voters who voted for Governor Newsom. This elitism also shows up around the country with gerrymandering, voter suppression laws, the electoral college, corporatist judges, campaign bribes, and lobbyists.

Of course this almost religious elitism stems from the “Atlas Shrugged and trickle-down” farce, which promotes that there are only a handful of people holding the economy together, and if they leave us, then we are doomed. There are literally millions of entrepreneurs and businesses who would just love to take their place. This idea that “everyone is leaving California” so that the 5th largest economy in the world needs to entice them to stay with big tax cuts is a lie. This is a political talking point for deep pockets to try and tap into our surplus and run up the debt while not fixing anything and turning us into a slumlord state.

Besides, you don’t get big tax cuts for simply “existing.” If you protect the environment and the public, and provide your workers with decent wages and benefits, then you deserve tax breaks because you’re boosting the economy and saving the taxpayers money on government programs. If you also offer telecommuting, then that would lower the need for gasoline, but of course that would cut into the profits of the fossil fuel, tire, and auto industries, so I see the dilemma. Also, millions of renters and profit-creators are just as vital for an economy as landowners and job-creators.

Thirdly, how are people who think that “government is the problem” supposed to “fix the homeless problem?” Blaming Governor Newsom for the homeless problem is political rhetoric, as is blaming him for the pandemic, evictions, inflation, gentrification, wealth inequality, crime, private power companies, the drought, and our very rare, beautiful weather. Logic dictates that our global free market and the climate are responsible. Plus, half of our forests are federally owned and managed.

Fourthly, illegal aliens don’t vote, so it’s the “anti-minimum wage party” that benefits the most from illegal cheap labor. Follow the money and you will find that the one who screams the loudest is the real problem, and you’ll also find the ones funding this politically motivated recall stunt.
Fifthly, voters need to stop listening to loud and passionate right-wing propaganda and rhetoric and start following facts, common sense, and logic. Passion doesn’t replace real news.

Lastly, I am very concerned that the progress being done to fight this once-in-a-hundred-year pandemic, and to move us away from our outdated 100-year-old fossil fuel industry, will be undone by these “government is the problem” elites, and we will all pay the price. We need true leaders governing, not the recipients of big donations from their feudal overlords or modern aristocracy, aka the big, corporate, donor class; and we all know that these modern pharaohs were having private wine parties. If they were all tested for the virus, then who cares? This was yet another political talking point to demonize our governor.

If the majority of voters don’t vote against this elitist power grab, then perhaps the one valid point about the private over public, elitist mindset is that the majority is apathetic. I sure hope not. Let’s all vote and send a message that these fascist tactics don’t work anymore because enough of us see what these elitists have been pushing all along.

William R. Hicks
Marina del Rey