Roy and Patricia Reel of Culver City designed a 9/11 memorial on their front yard for neighbors and passers-by to remember and appreciate. Photo credit: Roy and Patricia Reel

Robin Doyno’s recent letter

In Robin Doyno’s August 19 letter to the editor complaining of the current Mar Vista Community Council’s Committee structure and meeting schedules he fails to mention that:
1. He served on the board of the Mar Vista Community Council in 2015 .
2. In October 2015 he was appointed chair of the then named Homeless Issues Committee .
3. That he was on the 2021 slate presented by the Democratic Socialists of America for an at-large director seat on the Mar Vista Community Council and lost.
4. That he is presently on the board as chief financial officer, treasurer and community outreach director of the HousingMV (Mar Vista) seeking a 501(c)(3) nonprofit status in 2021.

Mr. Doyno had every opportunity to effect change in Mar Vista’s solution to the unhoused crisis but failed and is now using the structure of a possible 501(c)(3) to perpetuate the enabling of the no rules and no responsibility persons sucking at the teat of the publicly funded trough.
Meanwhile, he/they and the current councilmen have no solution for the mentally ill, addicted and criminal elements of the unhoused other than build high-rise half-million dollar units for everyone.

Or maybe place all, with proposition HHH or Measure H money, into the midst of the shrinking low-rise Mar Vista apartment affordable stock and soon to be eliminated single family neighborhoods or leave them alone to expand sidewalk encampments.
Christopher McKinnon
Former treasurer and board member of Mar Vista Community Council