Behind the curtain of the north runway plan
Re: “Litigation encouraged in wake of City Council vote on LAX modernization,” (Argonaut, May 9).
The airport continues to make misleading statements about their desire to move the north runway further into the Westchester community. Los Angeles World Airports Executive Director Gina Marie Lindsey has repeatedly stated that the runway move will not require additional land purchases because they already own the needed property to the north of the airport.
It is true that the airport owns the land previously referred to as the LAX Northside Redevelopment area, but that land serves as the noise buffer between the runway and the community. If they are going to move the runway onto that property, they will need to acquire additional land to provide a comparable noise buffer. That will take additional houses and potentially schools from our community.
The second misleading statement, made in a previous article, is that the north runway is a “landing” runway, which is not as noisy as the inner take-off runway, so it will not impact the noise levels in the community. Living directly north of the airport, I can see planes taking off from the north runway. These planes bring extra noise into the community and are intrusive, particularly to the properties in Playa del Rey.
We cannot trust the airport concerning this move and their statements that it will not have a negative impact on the Westchester/Playa del Rey neighborhoods.
The alternate plans supported by the neighborhood council will also bring jobs to the airport and the surrounding communities, so why are LAWA, the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce and the LAX Coastal Area Chamber of Commerce so intent on further encroaching into our community, which has already sacrificed for the sake of the airport and the city of Los Angeles?
Lori Haythorn

Incubator School would help keep children motivated
Re: Incubator School proposal
My son is currently a student of Grand View Elementary School teacher Sujata Bhatt. He has always been identified as gifted and therefore bored in class. I have countless books, artworks and activities he’s created over the years during class time because he wasn’t being challenged and was bored. I’ve always given him supplemental work.
However, this year is the first time he’s excited about school and what he’s learning. I’m a very hands-on parent who believes in volunteering and working in the classroom. This is the first time he has a teacher who encourages creative learning concepts and engages every child regardless of their level. Bhatt encompasses every facet of dynamic instruction and I support her endeavor as should the Los Angeles Unified School District and Board Member Steve Zimmer.
Children these days are deeply entrenched in technology so wouldn’t it make sense to implement it into learning? This is what engages children to yearn for more. We need more schools like this to help our children keep up with technology-based learning.
The school system we currently have in place is failing our children. This is an avenue for children to learn in a way that challenges and prepares them for the future and I whole heartedly support it. Hopefully the Incubator School can prove to be a model for a new way of teaching children who currently get lost in the system after elementary.
Children need innovation and enthusiasm within their schools and from their educators. I hope that the board recognizes the value the Incubator School would provide to the district and the community. By investing in programs that parents and students are choosing we can assure students will stay motivated and have better preparation for the future.
The Incubator School is an exciting concept and should have LAUSD’s support to start and grow. The city of Los Angeles will benefit from the entrepreneurs creating new local businesses and employment opportunities. The Incubator School is necessary for our children, beneficial to LAUSD and to our city.
Pilot schools are an alternative to charters and are supposed to attract and retain students who would otherwise leave the district. LAUSD needs to help pilots reach success by building awareness and outreach to potential students. Parents and students need to know there are alternatives. In order for this to happen they need to approve a site for the Incubator School immediately.
Alisha Pye-Dean

Community service fulfilled
Early on May 11, in the morning of “Big Sunday Weekend,” I performed a solo clean-up of the exterior of our local elementary school, which had not been designated as a community project.
I collected and disposed of all matter of litter.
I believed it to be a worthwhile expenditure of my time and encourage others to do likewise at any time of the year.
Walter Renzi