Letter on Ballona Wetlands

Contrary to Ballona bulldozer defender and pseudo-restoration expert David Kay’s fiction fest in the October 7 Argonaut, most of the California taxpayers’ Ballona Wetlands is not buried in “unproductive weed-infested fill dirt” thus necessitating killing all the wildlife for 10 years, cutting off public access and bulldozing virtually the entire site for 10 years and spending virtually all of $200 million for a solution in search of a problem.

According to a report safeguarded by a local environmental library and accessible on the internet, 150 acres out of the state-owned 600-acre preserve is covered by clean marina mud. The land the state wants to spend the bulk of $200 million defiling is not damaged nor degraded at all, contrary to the state’s year 2011 locked-door archeo-geology report.

In fact, this undisturbed land was not filled in because it was an island surrounded by lower lying wetland soil. Why the details are kept secret, you may ask, when their conclusion is that all the Tongva cultural sites are junk?

Because the methodology and basis for these cock-eyed conclusions is being challenged in court by several environmental groups!

In fact, the archeo-geology reports written by the prior landowner 30 years ago concluded that the 82 acres of land sought for the bulk of the bulldozing “appeared relatively undisturbed.” So Mr. Kay wants to use $200 million of our tax dollars fixing wildlife habitat that isn’t broken!

Read the 30-year-old report: ballona.blogspot.com/p/ballona-environmental-library.html

Click on Volume 23: drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B5SGRAMv8RXuSzdqcXpmSjFfTms?resourcekey=0-AhPmx3n8TcNSb9jzLXi0Cw
Go to pages 13528 and 13530.
Save Egret Island!

Rex Frankel
President, Ballona Ecosystem Education Project
Los Angeles