On Dec. 15, the Santa Monica Police Activities League hosted its annual Holiday Workshop and Santa Claus presented youth with gifts provided through the “Best Gift Ever Toy Drive.” Photo courtesy of Santa Monica Police Activities League

Open letter to the homeless

Just because you are homeless does not mean you have an excuse for being dirty!

I read the paper and this is the biggest complaint. Trash!

I understand your bitterness, but leaving your spot filthy is not justifiable. It is misdirected vengeance and only exacerbates the problem by turning homeless sympathizers against us. If you leave your waste where someone was kind enough to let you crash without calling one time or turning on the sprinklers, they could turn from kind to frustrated. No one wants to clean up after grown folks.

Keep a plastic bag and when you finish your meal, dispose of the packaging, also, the contents of your bowels in the plastic and when you push to your next spot, pick up somebody else’s trash too, and properly dispose of it all in a dumpster!

Perhaps if we show kindness and consideration to the Earth, by just taking care of your own self, the world will be a better place.

Side note: rubbish is excellent fuel for campfires, if you are able to safely. It burns long and reduces your footprint by self-disposal

Haqimah Allah
Los Angeles