Accolades for coverage
Re: “Another Door closes” (Argonaut, May 30).
I meant to express much sincere thanks and appreciation for the excellent Ray Manzarek/Doors tribute, including the cover no less, in the last issue.
It’s very important to retain this truly special part of the rich culture and history of Venice, both for young and old members of society.
The Inkwell article (“Heal the Bay joins tribute to honor local African-American surfer,” May 30) also fit quite well along with this; it was a really special issue and I will be keeping a copy of it in my “treasure files.”
Accolades are certainly due, and encouragement for such continued reports on the area are certainly welcome. A weekly historical parting shot on the cover or rear page could be a really nice new tradition (shots of past musicians, artists, boats, events, scenes, etc.).
Glenn Harrison

Grateful for good deed
How surprised I was last Thursday when my doorbell rang and a woman told me that she had found my wallet that I hadn’t realized was lost.
She told me that she had found it in a market cart in the Waterside shopping center in Marina del Rey. She was accompanied by another woman and a darling child adorned with face paint.
As my phone number was not in my wallet and my address was, she took the time and effort to come to my house to return it to me.
As I now realize, I think that I was in such a state of shock that I really didn’t thank them properly, I hope that they will contact me once again.
Janet Wortman
Marina del Rey