A place for the public at Bradley Terminal
Re: “Make Bradley Terminal concessions available to greater public,” (Argonaut letters, July 2).
Thank you for publishing the letter regarding the new Tom Bradley Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport. The letter writer took the words right out of my mouth!
Let’s face it. What we have here is a mall that just happens to be a place where people fly in and out. So let’s be fair and invite the public in to observe and make use of the building.
The more people who visit, the more money not only the businesses will bring in, but the airlines as well.
Believe me, they want as many travelers as they can get. Is that not why the terminal was built to begin with?
Lenora Robinson

Board the train of progress
Same-sex marriage is here.
Face it.
Those who want to stop it are wasting their time. Equality and freedom in this country are for all Americans regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual preference, age and on and on.
America is based on freedom and equality. To deny people the same marriage rights that others have is wrong.
Our history is full of wrongs that have been righted. With each step, we have become a better nation. This is one such step.
Those who oppose same-sex marriage had better step aside or get run over.
The train of progress is coming and it is full of steam.
George Vreeland Hill
Beverly Hills

‘Good enough’ job for outgoing mayor
Following former City Council President Eric Garcetti’s installation as mayor of Los Angeles, the outgoing (and always with flair) former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa made last-minute stops and visited with as many Angelenos as he could on his last day in office.
Villaraigosa accomplished some good and bad. Los Angeles still needs a mayor like Richard Riordan, who will bring back business and give residents more power in their city. Then again, former Mayor James Hahn acknowledged that being mayor is not all that much fun, since he gets all the complaints, and no one tells him (still no “her,” yet. Sorry, Wendy Greuel) that he has done a good job. Hahn preferred serving as city attorney, and may have breathed a sigh of relief when he left office after one term. Villaraigosa now shares that sentiment, certainly.
Unlike former Mayor Tom Bradley, he never faced city-wide domestic disturbances like the 1992 riots. Villaraigosa attempted to reform public education. He pushed a massive initiative through the state legislature so he could have direct control over all L.A. schools. While the measure was ultimately ruled unconstitutional in a lower court, the mayor received control over some of the most challenged schools.
His leadership was a necessary stop-gap measure as the Los Angeles Unified School District struggled with one superintendent after another leaving the top post. Crime is down in Los Angeles, yet police and fire have good numbers. Transportation has improved, yet still there is no “Subway to the Sea.” (Rep. Henry Waxman, what do you say to that?)
Not bad, but not great, Villaraigosa was good enough.
Arthur Christopher Schaper