What about clean water?
Re: “County plans big makeover for Oxford Basin,” news, Nov. 27
It is useful to have some background information on the Oxford project. It is merely a floodwater retention basin that has been emptying contaminated overflow into Mother’s Beach in the Marina. The county was cited several years ago by the state and instructed to clean it up. But the county solution appears to be enlarging the capacity of the basin by dredging to minimize the flow into the marina. There is apparently no interest in treating the heavily contaminated water from a cost-benefit standpoint.
Wm. Firschein, AIA

More traffic trouble ahead
Re: “County plans big makeover for Oxford Basin,” news, Nov. 27
Unless there are meaningful guarantees that the Oxford Basin makeover will not impair traffic flow on Admiralty Way or Washington Boulevard, the plan to make it over should be scrapped.
The basin is not seen as a problem in Marina Del Rey. I live in it, and I have yet to hear anybody who lives in it or visits it talk about a need for a basin makeover. What the Marina residents and visitors talk about is that Admiralty Way and Washington Boulevard — the two major thoroughfares that border the basin — are frequently clogged with traffic and rendered near impassable because of construction projects that cause lane closures on Admiralty Way. The traffic mess on those two main streets is the problem.
The basin facelift will require 10 months of construction, will cost $11 million, and will involve dredging some 6,700 cubic yards of sediment and rechanneling the flow of water in and out of the basin. Can that be accomplished without further adding to the snarled traffic on Admiralty and Washington? The Argonaut story on the project makes no mention of any guarantees that it can be.
Gene Pomerantz
Marina Del Rey

Free turkeys don’t cut it
Re: “Why I’m not shopping on Thanksgiving Day,” guest opinion, Nov. 27
Thanks is due to Odysseus Bostick for saying what he did regarding respect for Thanksgiving and the impact of big box retailers on those who must work on Thanksgiving Day or risk losing their jobs.
I recognize the relationship between the impact of income inequality on lower-income people and the consequent inability to resist big box pressure to work. Giving out turkeys doesn’t correct the underlying cause — and even that provides relief for not much more than one day a year.
This is one of many symptoms of income inequality, and you state it well.
Joe Murphy

Re: “County plans big makeover for Oxford Basin,” news, Nov. 27
Friends of Ballona Wetlands (ballonafriends.org) supports the county’s reconstruction of the Oxford Basin. The project will not only remove less productive, non-native vegetation and replace it with more biologically productive native tidal wetland flora, but will provide limited public access so badly needed in our open space-constrained metropolis. The more opportunities people, especially children, have to enjoy and appreciate natural habitat (even if reconstructed from neglected flood control infrastructure), the more they understand and appreciate the environmental value to our society of open space. From their experience they become good citizen advocates rather than just passive observers.
Douglas Fay’s baseless assertion that the proposed Ballona restoration would turn wetland into a perpetual flood control project is typical of the otherworldly hyperbole expected from him and his local “Do Nothing” allies. His call for a full Environmental Impact Report for a small project requiring only a Mitigated Negative Declaration highlights his ignorance of 40 years of state case law ensuring that projects receive proper environmental impact review.
Fay and his allies never have a plan, or even a vague idea about what they want to do to improve our environment; they only know what they are against, and that includes sound, proven public environmental restoration policy. They have become the “Green Tea Party”, to be sure, simply making stuff up to suit their puzzling anti-government agenda. Well, the rest of us are the government they oppose, and we’ve had enough of their nonsense.
Dr. David W. Kay
President, Board of Directors
Friends of Ballona Wetlands

Re: “Restaurants to raise funds for slain worker’s family,” news, Nov. 21
RIP Guillermo Carmona. My dad will always remember you and our condolences for your family.
Sanchez Family

Re: “For Westchester teacher, a new lease on life,” news, Nov. 14
Dear Mrs. Lucy and your wonderful donor, you are both in our prayers. We missed out on the opportunity to make a donation earlier, but would love to do it now if it’s still possible. God bless you.
Afsi & John Jerman

Yeah for Ms. Lucy! You will be in my prayers.
Bravo to your donor and congratulations to you. I also have polycystic kidney disease and a co-worker donated her kidney to me in 2007. What a gift of life! Readers, if you aren’t already a registered donor, please take a minute to register, tell your family you registered as an organ donor and encourage them to do the same. Go to register.donatelifecalifornia.org.
Westchester Mom

Re: “A new vision for Marina del Rey: Fisherman’s Village contemplates overhaul as county officials plan for increased harbor amenities,” news, Nov. 7
I would love to see this area revamped, but I think the most important part is what businesses come in. Marina del Rey has so much potential but we really need to stop with all the chains and get something unique. No more Cheesecake Factories, no more Yard Houses, no more Starbucks — and especially no more Pier 1 Imports. The whole town is like one big strip mall.

Please, please, please follow through with a major remodel! As a 51 year old who grew up in and around Marina del Rey, this kind of project is desperately needed. The village and surrounding area has been an eyesore for Marina del Rey for years. Such a beautiful piece of real estate should be and could be a wonderful draw and a landmark for Southern California.
Dave Ellias

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Love the new development.

The New England fishing village theme is uninviting, trite and borderline insulting. It’s at the point where I don’t want anyone who owns it to think that their business scheme coaxed me out of a dollar. Now, I’m not against a theme. But in this instance, it should make sense. Marina del Rey is a worthwhile place unto itself. Pretending to be something it’s not implies that there’s something wrong with being Marina del Rey. If you’re going to do a theme, why not do one that matches our local area? After all, people don’t go to the ports on the Mediterranean to see make-believe Norwegian fishing villages. Marina del Rey, be yourself!