Hotels should not be near schools
Re: “Room for an Inn?: Dan Abrams hopes his plan to build Abbot Kinney’s first hotel will mesh with a neighborhood that doesn’t take kindly to development,” cover story,
Dec. 19
I am deeply concerned about the proposed Abbott Kinney Hotel at 1033 S. Abbott Kinney Blvd. Westminster Avenue Elementary School is across the street from this location, and anyone can stay at a hotel — and that includes sex offenders. There is a reason that child molesters are not allowed to live within a certain distance of schools, so having a hotel right across the street from a school is clearly not a good idea. I don’t have children yet, but as a future parent of a student who will likely attend that school, I am deeply concerned.  I ask that all Westminster Avenue Elementary parents come to future meetings about the proposed hotel to discuss this potential problem.
Holly Mosher

Re: “Rock Runs in the Family: A band of sisters that emerged from tragedy, RAMEKEGA returns triumphant to The Talking Stick tonight,” This Week, Dec. 19
Are you the Beatles of the 2010s? I mean, I’m a picky musician, and I loved hearing you play at the Plough. Thanks for being you!
Guy Michel

Re: “Tussle over wetlands heads to court,” news, Dec. 19
We always appreciate the fair and objective coverage from the Argonaut and Gary Walker. This morning, a superior court judge rejected the Department of Fish and Wildlife’s request to throw out or lawsuit. The department went to great efforts (on the taxpayer’s dime, of course) to avoid having to defend their actions in court. They have yet to explain why they are so insistent on keeping these records secret from the public.
One point of clarification is that it is no secret that state workers are helping the Foundation promote their plan. It is in fact a joint plan, as openly described in the Memorandum of Understanding. What is being kept secret are the presentations made to mostly closed audiences that have mischaracterized the project. Those presentations are the documents that we seek in our lawsuit. Today, we took a step closer to making those documents accessible to the public.
Walter Lamb
Ballona Wetlands Land Trust

Re: Westside calendar
I read your paper every week. It gives great local information. Thank you for announcing the Venice High Theatre production of “Any Number Can Die.” It is great to have good local productions.

Re: “Conflict simmers over traffic woes at Stoner Elementary,” news, Oct. 17
The complaints against CWC of late have turned into straight up bullying. It’s disgusting.