Renaming the 90 will hurt Marina del Rey

Re: “The Ballona Freeway back story,” letters, Jan. 16

I was very interested to read the back story for the Marina Freeway name change suggestion. As someone who came to California over 50 years ago and watched the Marina from its inception, I appreciate all the work done by the L.A. County Supervisors to create the Marina and by the citizens who over the years have tirelessly worked to save our wetlands. Had I been part of a group who did and are still doing all the hard work to keep the wetlands safe and in existence, I, too, would be exuberant and very proud. I do appreciate the passion and work of all of you.

My passion lies in the entire marina, which, in the opinion of many who love and are so proud of Marina del Rey, has been mishandled in many ways, causing the marina to dissolve and become a city out to and even over the water. Presently pending and approved construction plans prove this.

Not knowing how the request for the name change originated, I had the following letter published in the Oct. 3 edition of The Argonaut and hope the Ballona Freeway Committee will seriously consider its contents:

You might as well rename the Marina Freeway, since soon there will no longer be a marina. The L.A. County Board of Supervisors has seen to it that Marina del Rey will no longer exist and simply be an extension of the city.

See how long the powers that be allow the Ballona — how do you pronounce that? — Wetlands to breathe fresh air into our environment. When that ends, will the next name change be to the Asthma Freeway? Emphysema Freeway? Lung Cancer Freeway?

In order to keep the Ballona Wetlands safe we must also keep the balance of the marina safe. Pollution knows no boundaries and the destruction of the marina will include the wetlands also.

Please, please look at the bigger picture and withdraw your name change request. The supervisors are methodically removing the existence of the marina; don’t aid them by removing its name from the freeway.

How many people from other lands and parts of our country will even know what is at the end of the Marina Freeway if it is called Ballona Freeway? Even my computer keeps underlining “Ballona” in red as not being a word. As I learned 50-some years ago when arriving in Los Angeles, freeway names indicate “destination.”

Roslyn E. Walker
Marina del Rey