Unleashed dogs can be dangerous
Dear Fellow Dog Lovers of Marina del Rey,
As a pet owner who strives to provide my companion activities that provide well-being and enjoyment, I am deeply disturbed by the increasing number of individuals who insist on walking their dogs off-leash in public areas — particularly, near and on the beach. Many of these dogs are large and of “aggressive” breed types, including pit bulls and mastiffs, which can be very intimidating.
Walking one’s dog off-leash in a public space and on the beach is not only illegal, it’s a matter of poor judgment that often impedes others’ rights to enjoyment of public spaces without fear of altercation.
On nearly every walk or run I encounter “regular offenders” who simply don’t grasp the concept of personal responsibility. Repeatedly (and politely) I have asked them to leash their dogs, often expressing my fear of their animals. In almost every instance, my requests were met with outright refusal.
For everyone’s welfare, including their pets’, I suggest these folks consider the following:
Are you prepared to suffer the legal and financial consequences if your dog, even accidentally, inflicts injury to a person or dog?
Are you 100% certain that all other dogs are safe and friendly, and will not attack you or your dog if they, too, are off-leash or feel threatened?
Do you have a comprehensive personal liability insurance policy?
Are you aware that one has the legal right to use pepper spray to ward off an aggressive dog — perceived or otherwise? We all want to live in a community that is safe and enjoyable for people and pets. Making this a reality demands that we all do our share, beginning with keeping our dogs safely leashed.
Sam Anderson
Marina del Rey

Via Marina doesn’t need a hotel
We are Marina residents — on the city side of Via Marina. We can’t get representation from our city councilman to oppose an illegal hotel on Parcel 9U in a 100% residential neighborhood.
Condominiums and apartments on both sides of Via Marina will be subject to years of construction noise and pollution and traffic, not to mention the destruction of a wetland, which is not legal under the Coastal Act. Only a park may replace a wetland — a full park, not the token one to be provided.
Night lights and deliveries and a seven story hotel blocking any view of the marina will bring too much traffic to this quiet area. There are already six hotels in the marina, plus one proposed for Fisherman’s Village, and they do not operate at full capacity.
There are already sufficient hotels, bars and restaurants. The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors needs to back off this project, and our councilman needs to come to our rescue.
Lynne Shapiro
Marina del Rey