Don’t let trash ruin our beaches
I recently walked to the beach and found dozens of locals and visitors from around the world expressing alarm at the amount of trash left behind by recent storms and an apparent lack of initiative to clean it up.
Current efforts to keep our beaches clean have been insufficient to remove dangerous debris, glass and rubbish that have accumulated since the rain and heavy tides. Pollution is a threat to the health and wellbeing of humans and wildlife — and it’s deadly for tourism. We saw our beloved Marina/Jetty barking seal swim past a large potato chip bag, numerous plastic objects and floating water bottles.
A collective effort is required to handle this job. We need both the elected leaders and local residents to work together.
Respectfully, I demand that the L.A. City Council step up and require immediate action from whatever departments of the city are responsible for the cleanup of the litter that is currently consuming the beach.
I ask that The Argonaut post an invitation for residents to spend some time to help with post-storm cleanup efforts before all of it is washed back out to sea.
All of us working together will promote awareness, build community and ultimately solve this problem. What a great lesson to give to children, our future leaders.
I could gather countless signatures to back me up. Instead, I choose to be proactive and encourage residents to act immediately.
I want to be a part of the solution. I hope that you do, too. Contact me at
Let me know what I can do beyond writing this letter, emailing neighborhood councils, contacting city officials and picking up trash myself.
Jaimsyne Blakely
CEO, Alumni 4 America
Marina del Rey

Be kind to your postman
Re: “Marina del Rey post office must relocate,” news, Feb. 27
Anyone who’s gone to the post office lately knows they are seriously understaffed. Lines are long and slow, and sometimes simple things like stamps are not available. When I go I bring a magazine to read and plan for these things. Hate to break the news, but that’s the reality of the postal service right now.
I’m just glad they haven’t closed the Playa Del Rey post office! Also, it helps to be prepared. The post office is not there to provide free packing tape and help you with your packaging. Going at lunch hour is also a bad idea.
I am amazed (but not surprised) at how rude customers are when things don’t go their way. Adults act like whining babies when a package cannot be found or they have to wait in line. Get used to it people, things have changed. Throwing a fit at the post office will not make anything go faster and it won’t make missing items suddenly appear. Taking out your frustrations on the person behind the counter doesn’t accomplish anything.
Joe Mock
Playa del Rey