Says home is in Westchester, not Council District Eight

To the Editor:

Twenty-five years ago my husband and I married and bought a beautiful home in Westchester. I love my home and my neighbors. I love living in Westchester.

I was just informed that once again, the redistricting committee is trying to move the Westchester Triangle from Council District 11 into District Eight. I didn’t buy a home in District Eight, I bought a home in Westchester. If I wanted to live in District Eight, I would have bought a home there.

It breaks my heart to think that the committee can decide to slice us off from the rest of Westchester. My home is currently connected to Westchester by location.

In order to be part of District Eight, we will have to run down the street and eventually get there. I don’t have to drive to Westchester, I’m already here. I will have to drive to District Eight.

Please don’t let a committee ruin my beautiful home in Westchester.

Barbara Clifford, Westchester

Asks for less involvement from state legislators

To the Editor:

State Sen. Ted Lieu wants to fight climate change when the economic climate has failed to improve for Americans.

We need less government, not more involvement from the state.

We need legislators who will lay back and do nothing for a change. The residents of the South Bay can take care of themselves, without interference from state officials who have no other interest than to expound their power and express a superficial interest in the wellbeing of their constituents.

Mr. Lieu, please leave us alone. The private sector can do much better without the meddlings of the state legislature, one of the most inconsistent and dysfunctional companies in the state, and to this day making laws and taking charge where its powers and advice are not needed.

Arthur C. Schaper, Torrance