Wonders about ‘dump the pump’ sign

To the Editor:

I’m just wondering, why does the county have a boat towing a sign telling boaters to “Dump at the Pump” when the pump doesn’t work, and hasn’t for most of the month of July?

I’m just wondering.

Fred Soelter, Marina del Rey

Not surprised LA voted ‘least friendly city’ by travel


To the Editor:

Yes it has become much more crowded here. Traffic is annoying to say the least. People can be grumpy, understandably.

It seems that very few people are nice to be with as we get around town on our daily routine.

If you pause for a moment and look (from an outside view) at people’s general attitude and behavior towards others you see it is not very pretty.

A smile? Rare. A friendly wave when another person wants to get in a lane during traffic? Not common.

It is fitting that Los Angeles was voted “least friendly city in the US” by a major travel magazine.

But is that all really necessary? Does it have to be that way?

What happened to having a quality of life? How can one have one when there appears to be so much hostility?

Simply enjoy where you live (with near perfect weather, are you kidding me?) and have manners towards others, you know, treat others how you want to be treated kind of thing.

It would be nice to start that kind of campaign for a change. It could catch on. Life on the Westside would be a bit more pleasant, don’t you agree?

I was born in Venice. My family goes back 100 or so years in Venice. I am not about to move to North Carolina. It got voted “most friendly place in the U.S.” in the same travel magazine article mentioned above.

I appreciate those who currently are friendly and do apply manners and kindness. I will be smiling back at you when I see you.

Charles Capp, Venice

Asks for more pump-outs for boats in Marina

To the Editor:

Please help boaters by covering the lack of pump-out facilities in the Marina. I know it’s not a glamorous subject, but with some 4,000 recreational vehicles in our midst, shouldn’t there be some public pump-outs?

I have talked to the county on all levels and still nothing gets done. County employees keep making excuses. Either they say there are no funds, the pump-outs are on order, people jam them, etc.

This is not a new issue. It’s been going on for years.

Meanwhile, some do-gooders are putting around with a billboard begging people to pump out their boats. When I told these fellows there were no pump-outs working, they laughed and shrugged.

We’re into summer and have had two major holidays come and go without operational pumps. Let’s quit blaming closed beaches on “runoff” and call it what it is.

Evan Davis, Los Angeles

Responds to letter about councilman’s meeting attendance

To the Editor:

RE: “Questions why councilman was absent from meeting” (Argonaut letters, July 29):

Now that Mr. (Bill) Rosendahl has his second term secured, qualified for the city pension benefit and has been taken into the City Council’s inner circle, he no longer likes to personally get involved in public meetings, especially if they are controversial involving special interests and personnel from city services.

Like the mayor, he much prefers to make his positive presence known through broadcast media and photo opportunities, like praising former members of his own neighborhood council, swimming pools at the Westchester Park, etc.

We here in Playa del Rey had an earlier public meeting on a proposed large development. We asked him for his presence and thoughts. He was there for the opening, made a five-minute statement to the audience and left as he claimed he had another meeting.

Richard Chew, Playa del Rey

Westchester couple does their part to remove area graffiti

To the Editor:

As we all have noticed in the past couple months, graffiti is appearing more and more on the walls, signal boxes and light standards in the Westchester area. My wife and I have decide to do what we can to help rid all of us of this blight.

Whenever we are driving around and spot graffiti we mark down the location, such as La Tijera Boulevard between 76th Street and Airlane on the west side of the street. When we arrive home we report it via the Internet at www.anti-graffiti.lacity.org/.

Via return e-mail we receive confirmation that they have received our request. Usually within three days we will receive another e-mail advising us that the graffiti has been removed and our file is closed.

This is a great tool we can use to rid us of this blight. Everyone should try it next time they see some graffiti and be a part of the cure and help keep Westchester graffiti free.

Glen Kacena, Westchester