County Regional Planning Dept. disregard for citizens’ suggestions now extends to the Coastal Commission

To the Editor:

For various reasons I regard the Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning’s decision to set up workshops for citizens to get involved in Marina del Rey planning as a sham.

Los Angeles County over the years has disregarded all citizens’ suggestions and the fact that citizens’ recommendations in various workshops are not to be part of the official public record shows it intends to continue doing so.

But we are not alone in being disregarded.

In one important instance — Czuker’s plan to put three five-story buildings on the waterfront — it even disregarded the objection of the all-important Marina del Rey Lessees Association itself. The lessees, for various reasons, told the county this project was inappropriate and later complained that their input was being ignored.

Now the California Coastal Commission must be added to the list of organizations being ignored.

At their January 9th meeting in the Marina itself, the coastal commissioners recommended that the county get a Master Plan and Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the entire Marina to replace the piecemeal approach it has adopted for its string of developments.

Yet, at last Thursday’s meeting, an official of the regional planning department stated that the Marina Local Coastal Program constituted an EIR and it had no intention of ordering an overall master plan or EIR.

I believe the development course on which the county is embarked will lead to a parking, traffic and overbuilding disaster and have the effect of denying county citizens access to the coastal facilities of the Marina which they rightfully own because these developments are on public land.

For the county to proceed without a comprehensive EIR for such a huge and sensitive project is not only possibly illegal under California law, but also ridiculous.

Carla Andrus, Marina del Rey

‘We’ll have more buildings and traffic congestion while county officials laugh at us’

To the Editor:

Those of us who attended [the meeting on the Local Coastal Program for Marina del Rey, hosted by Los Angeles County Planning Commission] at the Marina del Rey Hotel on August 21st were treated to a farce, sham and shameful performance.

We were permitted to ask (one question only per person) what the county was doing in regard to Regional Planning. We received few or no concrete answers. Then we had a second “opportunity” to ask questions pertaining only to future plans, etc.

The meeting was attended by County Supervisor Don Knabe in one of his infrequent visits, but he refused to answer any questions pertaining to the overbuilding of the Marina that has gone on unabated during his nearly 12 years as a county supervisor. The discussion was at least 12 years too late to save the original plan of open spaces for recreation.

We have not been informed of these plans in advance, nor given the opportunity to vote or comment on them, despite L.A. County’s insistence to the contrary.

It is obvious that, in spite of our letters to Knabe and his officials, we are at the mercy and whim of the county.

I regret that we will have more buildings and traffic congestion while county officials laugh at us, which they did at the meeting.

Fred Newman, Marina del Rey