hanks all who helped on garden tour; delighted with ‘Fountains of Venice’ page

To the Editor:

We were delighted to see a full page of photos featuring “The Fountains of Venice” taken by the editor of The Argonaut during the May 5th Venice Garden & Home Tour.

The annual event was a stunning success, raising over $260,000 to benefit the programs of the Neighborhood Youth Association (NYA) Las Doradas Children’s Center in Venice.

In addition, the children’s bake sale raised $500 and another $1,500 was given to the adjacent Broadway Elementary School for providing visitor parking spaces.

The success of our event is due to all who participated — generous sponsors, Venice homeowners, enthusiastic volunteers, amazed tour-goers, media, Neighborhood Youth Association staff, and the wonderful children and their families.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved and to invite you to be part of the Venice Garden & Home Tour on May 3rd next year. We hope to see you there.

Linda Lucks, co-founder

Venice Garden & Home Tour


Contractor says he quit because he lost so much work to fly-by-nighters

To the Editor,

The article in the May 24th Argonaut regarding unlicensed contractors should resonate loudly throughout the Westside, though I fear it won’t.

I was a licensed general contractor with subclassifications for 20 years, though for the majority of those years I was a spec builder.

The last five years, I did some contracting and a common thread I heard was,Ý”Why so much? I can get it cheaper from so and so.”

I lost so muchÝwork and wasted so much time bidding projects that went to unlicensedÝcontractors that I simply quit.

There is no way a contractor who pays workers compensation insurance,Ýliability insurance and commercial insurance for a truck and is bondedÝcan compete with the fly-by-nighters.

Licensed contractors must have their license number clearly posted onÝany business card or signage on the side of a truck.

Frankly when I hear of homeowners who have been screwed by unlicensedÝcontractors, I smile and keep silent. I expect all licensed contractors feelÝthe same way.

John K. McManamy


Says PdR hit hard by graffiti, residents should report it to councilman

To the Editor:

Playa del Rey was hit very hard with graffiti over the Memorial Day Weekend. While taking my daily walk through the neighborhood, I wasÝrepulsed to find 19 separate incidents of property defacement. There were distinctive gang letters on a number of them.

I have reported each occurrence and I trust that they will be cleaned expeditiously. It is important, because the presence of graffiti invites crime. Neighborhoods with greater amounts of graffiti have higher crime rates.

Please call Councilman Bill Rosendahl’s local office at (310) 568-8772 if your property has been victimized or ifÝyou see anyÝgraffiti in your area.

We will keep ourÝneighborhoodÝfree of graffiti and safeÝfrom crime only if weÝwatch out for each other.

Debra-Lynne Terrill

Playa del Rey

Complains of Caltrans watering freeway landscaping at noon

To the Editor:

I hope this letter will catch the attention of someone with common sense at Caltrans [California Department of Transportation]. This is regarding their watering freeway landscaping at noon — the worst possible time.

The sun dries the landscaping immediately and actually it’s counterproductive, as this dries up the vegetation. That’s why it looks so bad, all brown and withered.

It’s not only our Route 90 freeway but the 405 and the 10 and probably everywhere else.

I’ve called Caltrans a couple of times and they tell me nothing can be done because it’s all done by computer. Hello! In other words, Caltrans is run by robots, not humans. Give me a break!

It goes without saying that we’re talking about a terrible waste of water, but apparently Caltrans doesn’t care about that either.

Leonard W. Rose

Marina del Rey