Comments on 3 Argonaut news stories from Feb. 21st

To the Editor:

Regarding several news item last week [The Argonaut, February 21st], I had a few questions and comments:

— It’s great that Los Angeles Councilman Bill Rosendahl is committed to fighting against moving the north runway. I’m afraid that LAWA [Los Angeles World Airports, the agency that operates the city’s four airports, including LAX] may interpret “over my dead body” as just another item on a task list, on their way to doing what they want.

The Northside Development Workshops, soliciting community input, look and feel nice, but there was no mention of Los Angeles World Airports’ proposed methodology for making its final decision. It is, after all, LAWA’s land. The Planning Commission certainly hasn’t moved to update the community plan and protect the community.

I can hardly wait for the inevitable statement from Los Angeles World Airports, somewhere in the future: “After careful consideration, LAWA has decided it is for the greater good of the entire city (and the best interests of LAWA)…” You can guess the rest.

— Regarding Playa del Rey’s concerns with out of control students, Loyola Marymount University (LMU) has the ability to strongly influence the off-campus behavior of its students — if LMU wants to be a better neighbor.

But I have to take exception to the system Tony Ramos [Los Angeles Police Department lead officer for the Pacific Area] described that makes the landlord responsible for the actions of his tenants, under threat of the city coming after the landlord’s property.

As far as I know, public urination, public drunkenness, disorderly conduct and vandalism are police matters, not landlord responsibilities. If the tenants were not students, and were living anywhere else in our city, no one would suggest that the landlord is responsible. Is it really a surprise that most people do not want to be landlords (adding to the affordable housing shortage)?

— Playa del Rey’s cut-through traffic issue represents the failure of the Department of Transportation to efficiently move traffic down Vista del Mar and Culver Boulevard. By controlling traffic flow at the intersections of Imperial Highway and Jefferson Boulevard, it should be possible to move most vehicles through Playa del Rey during peak hours without stopping, making “cut-through” a less attractive choice for drivers.

Steven Pawera, Playa Vista

Venice cultural icon Beyond Baroque may lose its lease

To the Editor:

I want to fill your readers in on the current situation regarding the fate of Beyond Baroque, a cultural institution in Venice I have worked during the last 12 years, with many others, to build up.

Beyond Baroque’s lease of the Old Venice City Hall, owned by the City of Los Angeles, is now in question, and ends Saturday, March 1st, and it has not been extended. We will then be on a month-to month basis, with unforeseen consequences.

Like so many American non-profit stories, this has that unfortunate crisis ring. Nonetheless, Beyond Baroque must be protected.

It is possible that things will all be worked out in the next few days. We have worked very hard, for almost five years, to make sure of that.

Updates are on our Web site,, and on

Beyond Baroque is an amazing, 40-year-old institution, with an extraordinary list of accomplishments — free writers’ workshops, publications, readings and so on.

There is nothing like Beyond Baroque anywhere else in America. It is dedicated to the power of language, meaning, and public space, in the struggle to protect all our precious freedoms and capacities. We will prevail.

Fred Dewey, executive director and board chairman Beyond Baroque Foundation

Disappointed with new sign at Abbot Kinney and Main

To the Editor:

Within the last couple of weeks a new structure has appeared at the northeast corner of Abbot Kinney Boulevard and Main Street in Venice. It appears to be a sort of billboard with the word “Information” at the top.

When I first saw it I thought that it was there to identify Venice as an important community, and then perhaps in the future I would see an artistic, detailed street map of the community to guide tourists to the sites that make Venice interesting and exciting. Maybe it would also serve as a community bulletin board letting the populace know about important events to be held within the community.

It turns out that none of my expectations or fantasies were correct. The most recent information contained within the glass-encased framework is an advertisement for Apple Computers, seen on both sides.

I’m curious to know who put it there and why. I don’t think Venice needs this sort of product. It seems as though Apple has the beginnings of a lock on potential sites in Venice to advertise its products. Who benefits from this?

Jim Starrett, Venice

Bitten by off-leash dog on Cabora Road below LMU

To the Editor:

Sunday afternoon I was walking on Cabora Road below Loyola Marymount University (LMU) when I saw a couple with their two dogs off-leash. I stopped and stood still by the side of the road to allow them to pass.

Suddenly, without provocation or warning, one of their dogs jumped up and bit me in the chest. After I was attacked, the owners quickly put their dogs on leashes.

For those dog owners saying to themselves, “My dog would never do that,” please know that the owner of the attacking dog said the same thing to me after I suffered a puncture wound to my chest.

Please follow the common-sense rule to walk your dog on a leash so that we may all enjoy the beauty of the bluff without the fear of being bitten by free-roaming dogs.

Ron Griffith, Westchester

Off-leash pit bull killed reader’s on-leash Yorkie at Mothers Beach

To the Editor:

My small on-leash Yorkshire terrier, Christy, was killed by a large off-leash pit bull Monday, February 25th. Four adults tried in vain to help my defenseless dog, but were unable to do so due to the pit bull’s strength and size.

This heart-breaking incident happened at Marina del Rey’s Mothers Beach, which is now unsafe for small children and animals.

Edson Stroll, Marina del Rey

Opposes losing Bus #108 from Fox Hills to Marina

To the Editor:

I was shocked today when I learned from a letter to the editor in the February 21st Argonaut about the proposed closing of the MTA (Metro) Bus Line 108 from Fox Hills Mall to the last stop in Marina del Rey. I had no idea such a proposal was being considered and would like to add my voice to the letter writer’s.

I am one of the many residents living in the Marina. For the past few years I have been unable to drive due to various health issues. As an alternate way of traveling to shopping, the library and local theaters, I find the #108 bus quite convenient. I don’t understand why it will be necessary to cut this useful service.

Most of the fellow passengers I meet ride this bus to go to and from their jobs as cleaning women for residents in the Marina. There is no other line for them to take to reach work and it would be a tremendous hardship for them to be deprived of this service.

I hope that the MTA’s proposed cut will be blocked and that people who object to this cut will notify their City Councilman, Bill Rosendahl, to take the necessary action.

Trudy Goldman, Marina del Rey

Need rents that allow middle class to remain in Marina

To the Editor:

Regarding the letter in the February 21st issue of The Argonaut asking for more mid-priced restaurants in the Marina area:

More important than mid-priced restaurants are rents that allow Marina del Rey’s vibrant middle-class community to stay here. The 3,500 new apartments and condominiums and six new hotels on or near the water will be for the wealthy and will block the water views for the rest of us.

Those of us lucky enough to stay will find living conditions changed. We will leave for work earlier and arrive home later, thanks to greatly increased traffic on Ocean Avenue, Via Marina, Admiralty Way and Washington Boulevard between Via Dolce and Via Marina.

New shopping centers on Washington and Palawan Way will undoubtedly have some over-crowded restaurants where those of us who remain can line up and console each other.

Join We ARE Marina del Rey or Coalition to Save the Marina as soon as possible and fight for food and much, much more.

Lynne Shapiro, Marina del Rey