Wants more mid-priced restaurants in Marina area

To the Editor:

More high-rises are being built in the Marina del Rey area but there seem to be fewer and fewer mid-level dining establishments being developed. All there are, it seems, are fast-food and high-end [restaurants in Marina del Rey]. There needs to be more development. There are no chains, save the California Pizza Kitchen.

Donald Shimoda, Hollywood

Marina Lessees Association objects to cancellation of Metro Bus Line 108

To the Editor:

Regarding the proposed cancellation of MTA (Metro) Bus Line 108 (Slauson Avenue) service west of Fox Hills Transit Center to Marina del Rey:

The Marina del Rey Lessees Association represents the major leaseholders in Marina del Rey, including the apartment complexes, hotels, restaurants and major commercial centers. Our community, which includes thousands of residents and boaters, in addition to tourists and visitors, is presently served by Metro Bus Line 108.

The proposed cancellation of this MTA-operated bus line causes grave concern for the many residents, workers and visitors that are transit-dependent.

Along its approximately three- mile route of Admiralty Way, Via Marina and Pacific Avenue, Metro Bus Line 108 provides the only regular bus service in Marina del Rey.

Cancellation of this portion of Line 108 would leave all of Marina del Rey’s residents and businesses without convenient bus service. Many employees of local businesses, restaurants and hotels use the MTA bus service for their daily transportation. Similarly, residents and hotel visitors would be greatly impacted by cancellation of this bus service.

The only regular bus service to remain in proximity to Marina del Rey would be Culver City’s Line 1 along Washington Boulevard and Santa Monica’s Big Blue Bus Line 3 along Lincoln Boulevard. Neither bus line would afford convenient access within the network of streets inside Marina del Rey.

Several commercial and residential properties in Marina del Rey have been renovated or will be upgraded in the near future. In addition, there are upcoming redevelopment plans for Fisherman’s Village and Mothers Beach, which upon completion will attract more visitors and workers needing public transportation. As these current and future developments are realized, it would be unwise to curb or eliminate bus service in the area.

We strongly urge that the MTA retain Metro Bus Line 108 service to Marina del Rey to better serve the local residents and workers as well as the businesses, restaurants and hotels that attract tourists and visitors to Marina del Rey.

David O. Levine, President, Marina del Rey. Lessees Association

Says anti-RV pilot permit parking project should be in Venice, not Brentwood

To the Editor:

I live in Venice. I found out that a pilot program for a permit parking project for RV (recreational vehicle) prohibition will take place in Brentwood. I was shocked. How many RVs are in Brentwood? I’m there all the time and I’ve never seen one. We have thousands of RVs in Venice, so why isn’t the pilot program in our city?

Venice is where this program is desperately needed. Los Angeles is once again pandering to the Westwoods and Brentwoods and all of the other high-profile megabuck venues, instead of reaching out to those areas that really need these programs, like Venice.

Since the homeless shelter moved nearby, the homeless RV dwellers and transients in our area have doubled. We have been accosted by vagrants who come to our front door day and night scamming for money. We’ve caught them in our setbacks, we have shopping carts in our front yards and they walk and ride bicycles in front of our moving vehicles as if in a stupor.

We have been placed at risk by the City of Los Angeles and we are very frightened. We are now forced to invest thousands of dollars in a curbside rolling security gate to keep transients off our property.

Furthermore, the parking situation has become unbearable. This is an R-1 area, but we can’t park in front of our homes because of the RV dwellers and the businesses on Lincoln Boulevard whose clients park on our residential streets. The car care centers line our streets with their excess cars and the employees of nearby businesses use our streets as their parking lot.

How can we make Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl aware that Los Angeles is using Venice as a dumping ground for all the undesirable elements the city wants to get rid of? Where do they think the few (if any) RVs in Brentwood will go? To Venice, of course.

Do they know what it’s like to have an RV sit in front of their house for days? When the RV leaves, there is waste, urine and feces in the gutter. I personally saw one RV dweller who was parked in front of our house for almost a week exit his RV with a large garbage bag, walk down the street and throw that bag into the neighbor’s front yard. How can we live surrounded by this?

I am e-mailing my protest to Councilwoman Janice Hahn, Alan Willis [Los Angeles Department of Transportation] and Councilman Rosendahl in hopes that Hahn and Willis will take a second look at the scheduled plans and consider Venice for its pilot project instead of Brentwood. I am also copying Venice community groups and local newspapers. I’m probably just wasting my time, but this just has to be said: No more dumping in Venice!

Camille Shaheen, Venice