Doesn’t buy Knabe excuses

To the Editor:

In reading the article “News of Knabe’s pending visit a ‘miscommunication'” in the June 19th issue of The Argonaut, I find the excuses a complete sham or shame.

The director of the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors said it was “miscommunication” but no one can explain honestly how they used Knabe’s name without his or his deputy’s approval.

Many of us ignored Marina del Rey residents made special plans to attend the meeting (including myself, as I am handicapped). We did so because we are long overdue some explanation or discussion with the top man in the Fourth District about the continued overdevelopment of Marina del Rey. And there are more buildings in the offing despite our appeals to stop the rape of our beautiful area.

I, like many others, have been in the Marina for many years but all attempts to get Knabe to visit us have fallen on deaf ears. Where is the decency or sense of duty to us ordinary residents?

I hope that someone with power, money or legal means will come forth to challenge Knabe since I suppose that all our letter writing and phone call objections and appeals will be thrown intoÝhisÝrubbish bin.

Fred Newman, Marina del Rey

Swimmer qualifies for Olympics but Venice High pool closed for practice

To the Editor:

As a Venice High School alumnus, my heart swelled with pride to read of Andi Murez’s success (“Team Santa Monica swimmer Andi Murez qualifies for Olympic Trials,” The Argonaut issue of June 12th).

This is an incredible feat, given that Venice High’s swimming pool has been closed most of the year (no heat, loose ceiling tiles, etc.) It is my understanding that Andi and team members must go to the local beach for swim practice.

This is an abomination. Certainly the Los Angeles Unified School District and the city Department of Recreation and Parks can jointly repair the pool.

Andi is Beijing-bound; perhaps she will win at the Olympics if she and her teammates have a well-maintained pool in which to practice.

Jose Ruelas, Culver City

Treesaver hopes to save 7 ficus trees on Fourth Street

To the Editor:

Here’s an update from the Treesavers group. I spoke with Santa Monica civil engineer Greg de Vinck a few days ago and he told me that the uprooting and relocation planned by the city of the seven ficus trees along the east side of Fourth Street between Broadway and Wilshire Boulevard will not take place in June and also not likely in July.

That means Treesavers can still attempt to convinceÝCity Council members and the city manager to not unnecessarily relocate these beautiful, environmentally-friendly and healthy mature ficus trees simply for design and aesthetic purposes.

Independent certified arboristsÝhave said the trees would not survive this relocation plan — certainly not for long. Treesavers and so many others in our community are asking the city instead to put theÝmoney — well over $10,000 for each tree relocation — into planting many, many more new trees in tree-sparse areas throughout the city.

Please start calling and e-mailing today and ask others to do so also.

Messages can be left for Santa Monica City Council members at (310) 458-8201 (one phone call message will be sent to all) or e-mail can be sent to council@sm, and one e-mail will reach all.

Santa Monica city manager Lamont Ewell can be contacted at (310) 458-8301, or manager@

Jerry Rubin, Treesavers