Offended by Argonaut cover on gay marriage

To the Editor:

Please don’t put any more pictures of gay marriages on the front headlines. I find this offensive.

This type of marriage is against what God intended. I am very suprised that you would advertise this as normal… it’s not normal. Thank you.

Amy and Paul Chinian, Los Angeles

Says ‘bravo’ to Argonaut for cover on gay marriage

To the Editor:

Bravo for the excellent cover story on the Storey-DeLossa family in Venice!

I am proud to be a Californian with the news of marriage equality at last in my home state. California was the first state to overturn laws banning interracial heterosexual marriage in 1948. We now extend equality to millions of gay Californians under state law.

I also carry a sadness that gay Americans are still afforded none of the 1,049 special heterosexual rights under federal law that come with marriage.

Sadly, I know this from first-hand-experience. The fact is that since my relationship of 13 years with my Australian/Scottish partner is not afforded the same immigration rights that every straight married couple gets under federal law means we will eventually be forced to leave the U.S. and our home of many years in Venice for a more civilized nation that respects gay people’s civil rights.

It is a great step for California today that should be seen as a challenge for our federal government to finally begin respecting the human rights of millions of gay Americans.

Thanks to The Argonaut for showing how this historical decision is helping lesbian and gay families in our neighborhood.

Tim Miller,,Venice

County encourages public to call when parking fee collection boxes malfunction

To the Editor:

This is in response to a letter entitled “‘Victimized’ by Marina Beach parking self-payment boxes,” in the May 22nd issue of The Argonaut.

The Department of Beaches and Harbors thanks the letter writer for notifying us about the difficulty he encountered with the self-pay parking machines located at Mother’s Beach.

Technical staff repair the machines immediately when a problem is reported and our parking enforcement personnel remotely monitor the machines when they become inoperable.

At this time, Beaches and Harbors is evaluating our current parking service procedures to maximize efficiency for all of the self-pay parking machines in Marina del Rey and along 31 miles of Los Angeles County coastline.

We encourage the public to contact the Department of Beaches and Harbors at (310) 305-9503 to determine if a justifiable refund is warranted from use of a faulty self-pay parking machine.

We regret the inconvenience this has caused and appreciate your input to improving parking service to the public.

Santos H. Kreimann, Acting director, Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors

‘Astounded’ by the number of agencies involved in L.A. city housing policy

To the Editor:

I am writing regarding the May 15th article in The Argonaut entitled “State Housing Element law offers bonuses for affordable housing.”

After reading the article, I was astounded by the number of entities in charge of Los Angeles housing. Listed were the following six departments:

— Los Angeles Department of City Planning

— Housing Department

— Community Redevelopment Agency

— Housing Authority

— Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority

— Department of Housing and Community Development

Is it possible that the duties of these departments are not redundant? Without further clarification this seems to be the epitome of bureaucratic entanglement.

Bettina Gantsweg, Marina del Rey

From the Editor:

The following brief descriptions are taken from the Web sites of the various organizations:

City of Los Angeles Department of City Planning is “responsible for the city’s general plan, zoning, municipal land decisions and environmental studies,”

Los Angeles Housing Department “develops citywide housing policy and supports safe and liveable neighborhoods through the promotion, development and preservation of decent and affordable housing”

Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles “a public agency established to attract private investment into economically depressed communities, eliminate slums, abandoned or unsafe properties and blight throughout Los Angeles”

Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles “has provided quality housing options and supportive services to the citizens of Los Angeles since 1938”

Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority “coordinates and manages over $60 million annually in federal, state, county and city funds for programs providing shelter, housing and services to homeless persons in Los Angeles City and County”

California Department of Housing and Community Development “administers and advocates policies and laws to further housing and community development”

Wonders where is the root damage to the sidewalk?

To the Editor:

Didn’t Santa Monica say the 23 ficus trees needed to be killed because of root damage to the sidewalks? Your pictures of the treeless sites show no sidewalk

damage whatsoever. Whoops. Now Santa Monica is saying the trees had no roots. What next? Hopefully the uprooting of all those responsible for the

destruction of these beautiful, healthy trees and the squandering of valuable green community assets — both monetary and leafy.

Susan Hartley, Santa Monica