Urges public to let city know about problems between LMU and its neighbors

To the Editor:

Thank you for printing the letter, “Wants LMU to build parking structure, control student behavior in neighborhood” in the June 12th issue of The Argonaut.

I heartily agree with the letter writer’s comments on the neighborhood parking situation near LMU. With the increase of students, both full-time and part-time, we have noticed major changes in: the availability of residential street parking, the amount of off-campus student living, the frequency of raucous parties past 2 a.m. with reckless student behavior and total disregard for the homeowners and their properties, including drunkenness, urinating, vomiting and worse. (The specific details cannot be described in a family newspaper.)

We urge the Westchester residents, especially Loyola Village homeowners, to take a unified stance, once and for all, to address LMU’s “expansion” or “remodeling” plan, especially:

(1) seven-story high buildings

(2) off-campus student housing

(3) residential street parking

(4) unacceptable student behavior day and night

(5) misrepresentation to the public.

We are urging everyone to write a letter requesting protection of the integrity of the Westchester community.

You can send your letters to:

Adam Villani,

Attn: EVN-2008-1342-EIR,

Department of City Planning,

Environmental Review Section,

200 N. Spring St., Room 750,

Los Angeles, CA 90012


Kay Christy, Loyola Village

Disappointed that Knabe did not ‘meet and greet’

To the Editor:

What a disappointment that Supervisor Don Knabe did not attend the June 12th meeting of Marina del Rey citizens as originally published in The Argonaut on June 5th, “County officials to ‘meet and greet’ residents at Burton Chace Park.”

Knabe is well aware by now that the Marina natives are restless and have many grievances. Still, he was going to meet the public and take his lumps. What a disappointment that he would not keep that date to hear our concerns about the future and vision of Marina del Rey.

One speaker in particular set the tone at the meeting. She spoke about the insecurity of being a resident, a boater and a business person in the Marina, where the environment has been hostile and aggressive. There is much that needs to be changed and we look to Knabe for a new direction.

The planning of Marina development is being rammed through in a dysfunctional process from which the public is being distanced.

The 16 projects under negotiation in the Marina, described by Knabe’s staff as “done deals” are not, in fact, done deals. They are bad deals. They represent giveaways of publicly-owned land and facilities to private developers without going through the proper process.

We need to change course and fix this mess now.

Carla Andrus, Marina del Rey

Not against technology, just jet noise and pollution

To the Editor:

How ironic that a resident of New Zealand, home of one of the top ten cities to live in on the planet, considers those of us who want to shut down the Santa Monica Airport, a bunch of Luddites.

I have nothing against technology, as long as it is clean technology. The letter writer doesn’t have to live here and put up with the jet noise and pollution. He can go home to one of the least polluted countries

in the world.

Jon Mann, Santa Monica