Is the City of Los Angeles a 21st Century Animal Farm?

To the Editor:

Reading the story “How much does the average homeowner’s voice matter?” in the May 1st Argonaut, I was reminded of George Orwell’s Animal Farm, which I read in seventh grade.

As I recall, it was the few — the pigs — taking all the food while assuring the other animals that it is for “the cause” or “the greater good.” Eventually the pigs formed their own elite that dwelled in the farmhouse and assumed totalitarian control over the farm. After all, some are “more equal than others.”

Bigger, denser development puts more money in developers’ pockets and more property tax revenue in city coffers under the auspices of “affordable housing” while homeowners don’t have a seat at the table as policies are being formulated.

Is the City of Los Angeles the 21st Century Animal Farm?

Karen Kanter, Playa del Rey

Independent analysis needed before removing carob trees

To the Editor:

Now it is carob trees. Suddenly about half of them all over Santa Monica, hundreds, are a danger to the public.

The trouble is, the City of Santa Monica has lost all credibility. It has been running a sad, extended disinformation campaign attacking our downtown ficus trees.

First it was just for design, then it was not; then the trees were diseased, then they were not; then they were blocking signs, then they were not; then the businesses requested it, then they did not; then they were dangerous, but so far neither the courts nor anyone else seems to believe that.

All this in the cause of a silly, unnecessary and anti-environmental design plan.

This appalling behavior makes it impossible to take the city’s word that destroying these additional 300 trees is really necessary.

Not a tree should be touched until we have independent analysis. Santa Monica residents must be made confident, not only that we know the condition of the trees, but also that the city is being honest as to what healing options could be tried before hacking these living things to pieces.

Cosmo Bua, Santa Monica