Got action through letters to editor; wants to see

article devoted to seniors

To the Editor:

I have been a resident of Marina del Rey for 14 years and recently have lost the use of my car due to an accident.

I became aware of the lack of a few county services, especially for seniors and the disabled. I brought attention to them through previous “letters to the editor.” One was about Meals on Wheels and the other was about the threat of cancellation of the MTA [Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority or Metro] route to the Marina.

I was able to receive Meals on Wheels through my letter and Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl’s actions, and the proposal to cut services of the Route #108 to the Marina was canceled.

I have to commend The Argonaut in its efforts to keep its readers up-to-date with the affairs of our city and county governments.

I would like to suggest having an article especially devoted to seniors and how we are affected by the actions of the local governments of this area.

I was also very pleased to read your new column by Bettina Gantsweg in the September 4th issue. “Through My Eyes” is a breath of fresh air and I hope to read more of her columns. Thank you.

Trudy Goldman, Marina del Rey

Responds to ‘insult letter’ about LMU student misbehaviour in Westchester

To the Editor:

In the September 4th issue of The Argonaut I read a very interesting letter to the editor (“Large roving student parties in residential area out of control”) — or should I say “insult letter” — from a Westchester resident. I, too, live in a pleasant little neighborhood in L.A. called Westchester, which brings me to my first response to the false and incorrect statements listed in this letter.

First off, the letter writer states, as did I, that Westchester is a pleasant neighborhood, but then the next sentence claims that Westchester is no longer a pleasant neighborhood and she goes on to state that the reason Westchester is no longer “pleasant” is because of Loyola Marymount University (LMU) students.

Interestingly enough, she goes on to state that LMU “bills itself as a Jesuit school.” That being said, why does that preclude that these students should have their freedoms and the right to live where they wish? That would be a breach of the rights these students have as Americans.

I attended and graduated from LMU and lived in the quaint areas of Westchester just like these so-called “party animals” do. As a responsible student, when I had parties I would inform my neighbors of the party as well as provide them with my phone number, should a problem or noise disturbance arise, just like other LMU students have done in the past.

When I went to the house of one neighbor, an elderly woman answered the door. I introduced myself and told her about the party. Her exact words to me were, “Thank you for coming over, but there is no need. You are college students, when I moved to Westchester in the ’70s I knew what I was moving into. You’re a sweet girl, but there is no need to explain. Have fun, and be safe.” This woman was around the age of 80.

Is everyone so caught up in their own world, that they can’t look back to when they were in college? The community is getting its “panties in a twist” if you don’t mind me saying. LMU has been in session this year for what, two weeks, and this war has already started. If it isn’t partying, then it’s the recycling center or the so called “LMU expansion” you all misleadingly picket over.

LMU has been around this community for far longer than the majority of you have lived here. I know Westchester is not a city in itself, therefore unity among the community members is even more important to keep our community striving.

What are you teaching these students? That arguing is the answer to everything? Where is the understanding and the desire to work with each other?

Do you all forget the positives that LMU students bring to the area? How much income is made off of LMU students? How many LMU students later go on to join the striving work force in the area?

My last note is this: unless the girls were doing cartwheels down the street I am not sure how the letter writer was aware of the girls’ lack of intimate apparel.

And the letter states that it is useless to call the cops because they are outnumbered by the students. It is not because the police are outnumbered that there are no repercussions; it is that in a city like Los Angeles, the cops have far more important things to focus on than a bunch of college kids having a good time.

Seriously, in the grand scheme of things, this is not a tragedy. I am sure we can all come together to find a solution to this problem.

Allison Sharp, Westchester