Suggests ways to reduce impact of LAX noise

To the Editor:

Regarding the letter in the December 4th Argonaut, “I did not buy a house next to the airport; rather, the airport moved next door to me,” while one can appreciate the decades of airport expansion and encroachment, the salient fact is that the airport had no choice but to expand. Just as we build new fire stations, libraries and schools, an ever-increasing population means that LAX has had to grow to accommodate 20, 30, 40, 50 and now 60 million annual passengers.

Moving the airport to Palmdale is not the answer,Ýas no one wants to endure the 90-minute drive from the Westside, and the cost of a rail line is prohibitive.

ÝHowever, there are two methods possible to reduce the LAX noise impact. The first would be to force Burbank, Long Beach and Orange County airports toÝaccommodate allthe air travelers in their service area, instead of imposing artificially low limits. The second method would be to change airplane landing fees to encourage fewer, larger aircraft instead of the many smaller regional jets.

ÝJohn J. Keady, Playa del Rey