Fellow WWII pilot recalls his friend, David Tallichet

To the Editor:

Regarding “David Tallichet, Jr. dies at 84” in the November 15th issue of The Argonaut:

While many will remember Dave Tallichet for his many beautiful aviation-themed restaurants, I will primarily remember him as an exceptional pilot and a friend, for, during World War II, we were both B-17 pilots in the infamous “Bloody Hundredth” Bomb Group and although in different squadrons, flew at least 24 combat missions together over Nazi Germany.

The air war was nearly over by the time we got into it; nevertheless, during our flights the 100th lost 14 B-17s and the group’s gunners shot down 15 Me-109s and FW-190s, plus several Me-262 jet fighters.

When the war ended, I stayed in the service but he got out and began an illustrious career that was capped by his founding of the Specialty Restaurants Corporation.

Dave was an excellent skier and we resumed our friendship here in Marina del Rey and on the slopes. He was a modest man and despite his many accomplishments, my fondest memory of him will always be his friendly reluctance to be made the center of attention.

While the nearby Proud Bird restaurant is a veritable pictorial museum of the golden age of aviation, he built another large and equally successful eatery near the Cleveland, Ohio airport entirely devoted to the men who fought and often died in B-17s bearing the 100th’s black Square-D combat markings.

In the near future his fellow fliers will dedicate a suitable memorial to Capt. David C. Tallichet at that location.

Hank Cervantes, Lt. Colonel USAF (Ret.), President of the 100th Bomb Group Foundation, Inc. and Marina del Rey resident

Is annoyed by illegal turns at Mindanao and Glencoe

To the Editor:

One of my biggest pet peeves when driving around the Marina del Rey area is the traffic at the corner of Mindanao Way and Glencoe Avenue.

Every day traffic is backed up on eastbound Mindanao Way because every day you have a crowd of self-absorbed people driving across double yellow lines and waiting to go into the shopping center on the north side of Mindanao.

As they are crossing double yellow lines (illegally), they have to wait for oncoming westbound traffic to clear and in the process they block anyone who is wanting to turn left onto Glencoe.

These days too many drivers seem to think they are the only ones on the roads and no one else matters.

I would like to either request more traffic police presence there (they will be able to balance the budget of this city in one month’s tickets written there) or at least have the city block that off so these inconsiderate drivers cannot make that illegal left turn there.

James Westfield, Venice