Thinks fine should have been larger for illegal supergraphic

To the Editor:

Re: “Property owners fined for illegal supergraphic near LAX entrance” (Argonaut, Dec.8):

The supergraphic at the corner of 98th (Street) and Sepulveda (Boulevard) is nothing new. Visual blight returns to LAX. Just over a year ago another supergraphic was illegally installed on the same building by the same owner and for the same product, Guess.

The deputy city attorney stated that Mr. (Siamak Michael) Rahimi, owner of LAX Enterprises, who owns the vacant building, was very cooperative. Rahimi is making off like a bandit: probation and a $15,000 fine plus $45,000 in additional costs.

By pleading no contest instead of guilty he shows no remorse. He accepted $60,000 in fines, which is probably less than he made from Guess for the advertising and his company is placed on probation.

Put some bite into the punishment. With the weak sentence and fine handed down by the courts we can only sit back and wait for the next illegal sign to be displayed and it will happen. Rahimi has no regrets.

Glen Kacena, Westchester

Thank you

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the electronic edition of The Argonaut you now have on your website. It saves me having to remember to chase down a copy each week and I now see events before they happen instead of getting the paper late and missing something.

Mark Long, Marina del Rey