Has doubt in council proposal for appointment of elected positions

To the Editor:

Power overtakes reason when only one point of view prevails. The city of Los Angeles sinks further into the quicksand of a single point of view when City Council members Bernard Parks and Jan Perry offer a motion to investigate other models of legal service, such as appointment, for the city rather than electing a city attorney as we do now.

I have the highest respect for Parks and Perry, who always impressed me as having great regard for the people they serve. And I doubt they cooked up this idea on their own.

On July 19, the City Council voted unanimously to support the idea, and that increases my doubt. It is another example of the need for more and more money to stay in political office. The power of appointment is considerable. The ability to appoint a lawyer with the power of the city to reward friends and punish enemies is much more than considerable.

Throughout this country, a bunch of “fat cats” throw donations at any power system that promises to make fat cats bigger and fatter. If it looks like one political party may overtake the other, that’s where the money goes.

Today a brave governor, Jerry Brown, battles the current power system in order to return Community Redevelopment (CRA) money to the state. But most elected officials in Los Angeles are not stepping forward to help the governor. Absent any other reason, I conclude it must be because most of our elected officials depend on the current power system to stay in office.

A look at what a single point of view has done to our water and power system, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, is quite interesting. The utility poles and water mains get older and older as city officials demand more and more money from DWP revenue to pay for things they consider more important.

As a heavy snow pack in the mountains threatens to flood some areas, the Sierra Club gives this city an award for saving water. But the real savers, our ratepayers, do with less, while most of the other water departments in California return full service to their water users from overflowing reservoirs.

Those council members who voted to investigate lawyer services for Los Angeles ought to come forward and tell their constituents exactly why they are spending city money for this purpose.

DeDe Audet, Venice

Remembers local Penguin Swim president Mary McGuirk

To the Editor:

The Marina lost one of its kindest and most motivating neighbors when Mary McGuirk passed away recently.

McGuirk and her family and friends introduced many to the health benefits of swimming, and the camaraderie of participating in her annual New Year’s Day Penguin Swim at Venice Beach.

Many of us will always be in debt to this exceptional lady.

Patsy and Julian Myers, Marina del Rey