Local couple takes Argonaut on board cruise ship

To the Editor:

The enclosed photograph was taken on board the Cunard liner Queen Victoria. My wife and I are avid “Cunard Cruisers,” having completed five cruises aboard Queen Mary 2 (our favorite), two aboard the Queen Victoria and one (the maiden voyage) on the new Queen Elizabeth.

This cruise on the Queen Victoria took us from the Port of Los Angeles to the Hawaiian Islands with a stop in Ensenada, Mexico before returning 14 days later to the Port of Los Angeles.

What a pleasure it was to load the car in Playa del Rey, unload at the dock, park the car, get aboard and reverse this coming home. We had an absolute joy by not flying.

The “table-mates” on board, with whom we have become friendly, were impressed with The Argonaut. It seems they don’t have a “local” paper where they live in Europe.

Martyn and Diana Glover, Playa del Rey

Pleased to learn real story about creator of Ballona rock figures

To the Editor:

For weeks I’ve wandered past the wondrous and strange “rock people” by Ballona Creek. I’d point out my favorites and wonder who created such beauty. Students from the local art school? World-famous artists on a trip to the beach? Vikings?

I even photographed them and thought I would send them to The Argonaut because who else could find the answers? Imagine my surprise to see the front page of the March 3 issue.

So now I know, and, ironically, discovered the master creator was my son’s admired chiropractor, Dr. John Nielsen.

Dr. John saved my son’s back when nothing and no one else did. I am both delighted and horrified to read the real story of the “Glorious Rock People of Marina Bay.”

It is absurd that such beauty and creativity should be in jeopardy. More absurd is the thought of losing such a talented and dedicated healer. Dr. John Nielsen is a true gift to the community; he needs to be supported.

Thank you so much for finding out the truth about the Beautiful Rock Sentinels.

Miriam Faugno, Playa del Rey

Says Ballona Creek rock figures have been a ‘delight’

To the Editor:

I loved finding out more about the sculptor at Ballona Creek and was sorry to learn that Mr. John Neilsen may be unable to continue creating the rock figures (Argonaut, March 3). I invite Mr. Neilsen and others to check out the work of Andy Goldsworthy and see where Neilsen’s hobby can lead him.

Mr. Neilsen’s efforts have been a delight to passersby. Thank you, Argonaut, for this interesting story which satisfied my curiosity about the Ballona Creek sculptor.

Susan Soto-Campos, Culver City