Says Knabe was not speaking to residents during Marina address

To the Editor:

Re: Supervisor Don Knabe’s State of the Marina address March 16.

Knabe was not speaking to our community, but rather to the Chamber of Commerce at a local hotel. Most of our community is opposed to shopping centers on Palawan Way and a boat launch ramp (same size as Waterside), as well as a 19-story hotel and heliport between Tahiti and Marquesas ways on Via Marina, and 526 Neptune apartments replacing 136.

Instead of speaking to us residents and voters, he is speaking to businessmen, many of whom do not reside or boat here, run or walk here.

We need new opportunities for recreation; we want quiet residences. We want more small sail boats for L.A. County residents, not more yachts for billionaires from elsewhere and not choking traffic in this small community of ours.

Lynne Shapiro, Marina del Rey

Expresses anger at councilmembers’ call to shut down flight schools

To the Editor:

I recently read the story “Joint motion by Rosendahl, Hahn to close flight academies and change departure route over Venice questioned” (Argonaut, March 17) and honestly, it made me mad enough to fire off my first ever “Letter to the Editor.”

While I have the deepest personal respect for Councilmembers Janice Hahn and Bill Rosendahl, I have to say their current plan to change the Santa Monica Airport flight path and subsequently shut down its flying schools or the airport altogether is ridiculous.

I cynically assume in the year where Hahn is running for Congress and with thorny issues like high unemployment, an underfunded education system and lately, in the looming shadow of the Fukushima Daichi incident in Japan, the potential reevaluation of nuclear power, bullying a small local airport is just the type of thing to get maximum press for minimum actual effort.

If they really want to change the air quality in Venice and the Marina they should work to fix the transportation system so it’s less of a joke. I live in the Marina and used to work in Culver City, and I still had no reasonable option that could get me there under an hour and a half.

Would stopping a couple light planes flying over the city really significantly reduce pollution in the air when Los Angeles International Airport is right there? Really? Are they planning to shut it down too?

Where was their breast-beating environmentalism when the building permits went through for what used to be wetlands and are now overpriced, half-empty condos on the corner of Lincoln and Jefferson boulevards?

Their bragging about closing down the flying schools at the Santa Monica Airport leaves me bewildered and angry. I’ve been saving up to attend one of those flying schools.

For years I’ve sat behind a desk, pretty grateful to have it but daydreaming of one day being in one of those Cessnas that dip in graceful arcs over Topanga Canyon. That is my dream and dreams need some place to take off from, some place to land.

I urge you councilmembers, go fix some real problems.

That’s pretty much the long and short of it.

Daryna Yakusha, Marina del Rey