Fed up with lack of parking for Venice residents

To the Editor:

Somebody has got to do something about the parking problem here in the most western part of Venice. I have lived here on Brooks Avenue, just west of Main Street since 1985, and the legal, on-street parking problem is worse than ever.

I live here, I own my own home and I pay taxes. I feel that I deserve the basic amenities in return for being a good citizen.

My wife and I pay $100 a month so that she can have a safe place close to home where she can park her car. I park on the street every day. This past weekend it took me exactly 45 minutes of constant driving, searching for a safe, legal on-street place to park my car. This is an experience that happens to me too often.

The city of Los Angeles has abdicated its responsibility to me and to my neighbors who struggle with this same problem. The multitude of tourists who flock to this part of Los Angeles are treated much better than the full-time residents. The large playground area at the Westminster Avenue Elementary School is often made available so these outsiders have a convenient place to park their cars.

In the meantime, I have lost whatever little bit of confidence I had in the city of Los Angeles government and with Bill Rosendahl, the councilman for this 11th District.

Jim Starrett, Venice